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Playing Tammy Tag

January 28, 2008

pink-lily.jpgMy good friend Tammy, who is also my quilting web guru, tagged me. She wants to know 7 weird things about me. I thought she thought I was already pretty weird but for some reason she needs more proof… so here goes.

  1. I’m a huge baseball fan, more specifically a St. Louis Cardinals fan. I found out I don’t like the World Series, because that means no more baseball until spring. sigh. Is it spring yet?
  2. I’m afraid of the dark.
  3. I met my husband online in a chat room and married him 6 weeks later. (Although this has worked out wonderfully for us, I have to stress the importance of practicing ALL the internet safety rules.)
  4. I love to watch COPS. (bad boys, bad boys….)
  5. I’m 49 yrs old and I have 9 grandchildren… 8 of them boys.
  6. I don’t do sports of any kind. I have absolutely NO coordination.
  7. I hate liver. Well, I guess that’s not weird…doesn’t everybody? πŸ™‚

And last but not least… I love to give things away! So, in order to celebrate my 546th post (today) I’m going to give away a quilt!


I designed and made this quilt with fabric designed by my sister Kris Lammers for Maywood Studio. Strawberry Splendor I think it’s called. It is 59″ square. It is beautifully machine quilted free hand. Here’s a closeup…





If you would like to have this quilt for your very own, please comment! Today is Monday January 28, I’ll take comments until Thursday January 31 – which just happens to be Shannon’s birthday – and choose a winner from those commenters.


And I’ll share one more thing I’m working on – a Cotton Spice Cafe Press Store… let me know what you think!

Edited 1-29-08: While I would love to take credit for the machine quilting, I cannot! πŸ™‚ It was quilted by my friend Carrie Wilson. And she did a beautiful job!

Taking a Trip

January 25, 2008

pink-lily.jpgI am so excited… next month we’ll be going to Idaho to visit my family. I can’t wait. My goal is to have the magazine finished by the time we leave… not sure if I can meet it, but I’ll try.

Check out the Men Wearing Skirts post, we had a comment from a ‘skirt wearing guy’! Welcome Skirt Wearing Guy! πŸ™‚ I totally agree with you… not all women should wear skirts either, or pants or whatever piece of clothing that is unflattering for their particular body type. Myself, I’d never be able to pull off an evening gown, no matter who tried to fix me up.Β  So, I’d just end up looking silly! Can’t walk in high heels anyway, so no big loss. And where would I wear the thing? Walmart? πŸ™‚

So, what do you think of the new website? Lots of people said they’d like to have the log-in form more accessible, so … it is! We’ll be making changes as we learn what’s working for you and what isn’t. Have you been able to access the back issues? That’s especially important, kind of the whole point.

I’ve been knitting a blanket for my newest grandbaby, I’ll meet him for the first time next month. πŸ™‚ He was born last month and all I’ve seen so far are pictures. Here’s his blanket…


This is my first try at entrelac. Everyone says it’s easy… well, it is! It’s one of those wonderful patterns that’s so easy, but make you look like a master knitter (but not to another knitter who knows better) πŸ™‚ Pattern Here

Also, just finished a dinosaur… to bring to big brother of new baby –


Not sure how manly the scarf is, but he had to undergo surgery for Floppy Neck Syndrome. Scars occurred and the scarf is necessary. He’s still pretty cute. πŸ™‚ And fun and easy to make. Pattern HereΒ 

I’m sure it’s not the end of my dino knitting, there are 2 others to make.

Back to work! You all have a Great Weekend! Karen

Have you seen it yet?

January 19, 2008


Our new website? πŸ™‚ Cotton Spice now has a new website, and the magazine is free to all registered visitors. Woo-Hoo!!!!

Have a little visit..if you find anything that doesn’t work right, let me know. I’ve already corrected a few things that others have found, so don’t be shy! Our goal is to make the site easy to navigate, and fun to visit.

Once the dust settles from the new construction πŸ™‚ there are contests in the works (check the Contests page often, because we now have a Contest Manager!) and giveaways. So, don’t be a stranger.

Edited 1-23-08: We’ve heard from many people who have great suggestions for making the new site work better. We’re implementing a lot of them and working on the site every day. If you go there and see something wonky, it’s a good bet it’s ‘under the knife’ so to speak. πŸ™‚ Check that page again later. There are 2 pages I know of that need the Tammy touch, and she’ll touch them soon. πŸ™‚ New post coming soon too….

American Idol has begun!

January 16, 2008

pink-lily.jpgOne of my favorite shows in the TV world. And if the Sanjiah’s of the world stay off, I’ll keep watching it! (I’m not sure if I spelled his name correctly.) He was so awful every time he was on, but they just kept egging him on. It may have been cute the first time, but then it got old quickly and then it got downright annoying and we quit watching.

Some of those people last night were kinda scary! And the stalker guy, well, I hope someone is watching him cause he’s dangerous! I was surprised they let him go on so long. yuk.

Kathleen, thank you for delurking! lol… I had a good time on your blog and enjoyed your comments about delurking. I’m also guilty of visiting blogs and then leaving.Β  Which if you really think about it, is like going to a friends house – well, you think they are a friend, but they don’t know you – and looking around their house and listening to everything they say and then leaving without saying a word!!!! oh dear…which I just did to you yesterday. oops 😦 I’ll do better in the future.

Ok, I’m pretty big on supporting our troops. We all have different opinions about the war and the entire situation, but those don’t matter. The people matter. Our troops, men and women, are over there in a strange place, far away from family and friends. Let’s support them, send them letters and packages. Let them know that we appreciate their efforts and their sacrifices. One way to do that is to sign up with Soldiers Angels.Β  Adopt your own soldier and write to him and send him things to brighten his or her day. They will assign you your very own soldier and give you his contact information. They ask that you write a letter once a week, and send a package once a month. They also give all kinds of suggestions for package contents to help you. If you want to support our troops in some way, this is an excellent way to do it. I’ll be putting this information on my Supporting The Troops page.

And yes, I’m going to have more giveaways. Just give me a day or two and I’ll announce a new one.

Have a wonderful day!

The drug commercials

January 14, 2008

pink-lily.jpgWell, first of all, I have to say the Utilikit episode was a fun one πŸ™‚ I always learn something new from you guys, and this was interesting. We’ve been enjoying the commercials on that website, just so funny. Mike got everyone at work watching them too. If nothing else, we’ve provided some good advertising for that company!

Are you as tired of the drug commercials as I am? Some of them don’t even say what medical condition they are for, but they will make your life better! yes, it would be lovely to rid myself of post nasal drip – as long as I don’t mind the possible blindness or internal bleeding that could occur in rare cases. <rolling eyes> Last night we were watching tv and a drug commercial came on. It was a drug that I could have taken for something I have, but I’ve tried it and it didn’t work for me. When they got to the line, “…. isn’t for everyone…” I said, Yeah, it’s not for me. Then the master remote controller otherwise known as Mike, pushed buttons and the channel changed just as another drug commercial was saying, “… isn’t for everyone…” Oh my gosh! How do you escape these things? Does anyone really ask their doctor if they need this drug?

I take my share of prescription drugs and I’m thankful for them. They bring me a certain quality of life I wouldn’t have without them.

So, let’s talk about Restless Leg Syndrome. I bet you think I’m going to make fun of this. Nope… I have this. It’s miserable. It can make me cry, it’s so miserable. I’ve had this off and on since I was about 11, and for the last several years I’ve had it continually. My RLS medicine is my favorite med in the whole world. I’ve heard comedians talk about this, make fun of it, and truthfully, if I didn’t have it myself, it would be a fun thing to make jokes about it. It just sounds … ridiculous.

When Requip came out, I looked it up and it said, “for individuals suffering RLS symptoms 15 times a month”. 15 times a MONTH? How about 15 times a DAY?!?!?! And yes, this was one of the very few to non-existent times I asked my dr about a drug. It works fine for me. It’s darn expensive. But I can’t live without it. Well, I won’t actually ‘die’ but I would be miserable and you know what they say. If mama ain’t happy, nobody’s happy! πŸ™‚

So, while prescription drugs bring us a certain quality of life, just give me the facts. Maybe they would cost less if they didn’t produce these commercials with beautiful people sailing through life now that they have the proper drug for them. For those of us who do not have insurance, the cost of prescription drugs is a big issue. Somehow, the prescription drug industry has taken over the education of patients. Isn’t that our doctors job? I know there are a lot of drugs out there and one little dr can’t possibly know about all of them, but if the drug companies would concentrate on informing the dr’s about their products, and forget the commercials, maybe the price’s could go down. It’s just a thought.

Have a Great DAY! and WEEK! πŸ™‚

Men in Skirts

January 10, 2008

pink-lily.jpgHow do you feel about this? Women have been wearing men’s clothes for a long time. They work well into our lifestyles, and in fact, it is the norm for women to wear jeans or pants of some kind rather than skirts or dresses. Even tho (in my opinion) skirts and dresses can be more comfortable. Skirts allow a freedom of movement and sometimes a little breeze that jeans won’t allow.

So, how come it doesn’t work the other way? How come men just look silly in skirts and dresses? Well, I’ve seen this guy in Walmart a few times. He’s definitely a burly man. Tall, robust. Kind of long hair and full beard – pictureΒ  a biker here. But he wears a skirt. It’s black, pleated and has some funky buckles on it. To complete the ensemble, he wears white socks and black work boots. And a variety of shirts. No one could ever accuse him of looking feminine in any way. But he does make you look twice! (I don’t know this man and I’m not saying anything bad about him, just looking at the comparisons)

Just something to wonder about, but nothing of importance.

Julie, I’m so glad you’re liking your Prep Tool. It really is a gem.

Mary Anne, I did Wt Watchers too. And it was great. I lost weight. I’ve gained some back, as I tired of it long before you did. But portion control was my downfall, and I try to watch that now.

Good for you Lisa.. yes, it does get exhausting. I’m tired of thinking about my weight and food all the time.

Did anyone see a magazine at the checkout, saying how the stars are just getting so THIN? They look like skin and bones and not attractive at all. We are women after all, we should have curves.

Have a good day! πŸ™‚

A New Years Resolution

January 7, 2008

Yeah, I know, but I made one anyway.

This is the year I’m going to quit obsessing about my weight. I’m giving myself permission to be the size I am. I’m not going to let food rule my life ANYMORE!!!!! There is too much LIFE out there to give food this much attention. I’m going to enjoy my eating, and refuse to feel guilty about any of it.

I’ll eat as healthy as I can, just because that’s a good thing to do. I don’t plan on eating boxes of doughnuts, but from now on, I’m going to eat to live, not live to eat! And that’s THAT!!!

Anyone want to join me? πŸ™‚

I’m tired of every commercial being about weight loss. We already ARE beautiful. So what if we don’t look like the fashion industry? We aren’t! We are REAL women, living REAL lives and doing REAL things. I say we start to enjoy it!beautiful.jpg

Happy New Year!

January 1, 2008

It’s a brand new year and as always, it filled with opportunities, open doors, and exciting things of all kinds. A new year, a new month, a new day… they are all exciting. Who knows what a day will bring? Let alone a New Year!

Here is my New Years Resolution, same as it has been for the last few years –

β€œMy resolution this year is to live lavishly and lovingly! To do this, I want to continue to make and keep the five commitments I made last year:

  • to savor nature and beauty
  • to give and receive love
  • to encourage and exercise my creative spirit
  • to be light in the world (a person of truth and integrity)
  • to cultivate a positive, thankful attitude

I want to feed my own soul, so I can bless and serve my world.β€?

Have you noticed that New Years Resolutions are normally things we don’t like to do? Hard things? Not fun things? Well, no wonder they fizzle off! Make fun resolutions like – I will bake cookies once a month for my family. Or, Even though I’m a clearance rack shopper, I will purchase One Thing this year that is NOT on the clearance rack. Or,Β  I will relax about my house being super clean every minute and try to enjoy my life more. Do something nice for yourself and you just might find the hard things (lose weight, stop smoking, be more organized) following.

I’ve noticed that when I stop dieting, when I stop thinking about what I can’t eat every minute of the day, when I give myself permission to just be the size I already am… I eat less. In fact, it becomes a hassle to have to stop and eat, so I eat when my hands get shaky. I don’t want my life to be ruled by food.

Ok, enough resolutions! On to new knitting projects –


I love crocheted tablecloth’s and this one will go on my round table in the living room. The table that is currently holding our ‘Christmas Tree’ πŸ™‚ when it’s done being a Christmas Tree holder. Of course, I have a ways to go yet, but that’s ok, right now it’s a Baby Tablecloth.


I have this beautiful Bernat Satin yarn and when I got the latest Berroco newsletter, this sweater was in it. I just knew right away what I’d been saving the yarn for. It goes fast, knit on size 13 needles. I didn’t have any stitch markers that large so I used yellow yarn which is constantly getting in my way. oh well, small price to pay for a pretty sweater.


This is Mikes Christmas present which didn’t get finished. It’s approx 40″ long, only 26″ to go. I’m using Cascade 220 wool, double stranded. It is thick and warm!


This is Jacks vest, with cable’s up each side. It’s grey with oatmeal trim on the bottom, armholes and neckline. Made with Patons Classic Wool, it will be nice and warm too.

I’m working on 2 other things which can’t be shown yet.

On the quilt end of things, I received a new book for review from Martingale called The Cutting Garden and I just love it. The author takes you through the process of making a quilt from your photo, of flowers. I made one of my own, and while it certainly needs perfecting, it got me designing my own flower quilt with shading which will be in the March issue of Cotton Spice. So, I can’t show it right now, but if you like the botanical images from the 1800’s you’ll love this! I love those pictures and have always had it in the back of my mind to use them somehow in a quilt… after reading and working through this book, it all fell into place.

Amy, now that you mention it, when we were at BB&B, the lady checking out next to us was using multiple coupons. I’ll remember that! πŸ™‚

Jane, I never liked to cook much either, until marrying Mike and watching MUCH of the food network. He loves to cook things he sees on Emeril and Alton Brown, and I’m catching it! πŸ™‚

Incidentally, we’ve used our new measuring gadget, and is it FUN!!!! Get one if you can!

Here’s to your exciting New Year!