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The Trial Dinner

December 3, 2007

Do you practice your Christmas Dinner? Mike does. We usually have prime rib anyway, but yesterday morning we watched Bobby Flay cook an incredible dinner for Christmas with prime rib as the main course. It all looked so good, Mike just had to cook it! Here is a sneak peek at our Christmas dinner –


Here the recipe for the prime rib and the Cauliflower Gratin and the Trifle

On Christmas we’ll be adding baked potato’s and a bread of some kind, and probably a green salad, but we already know how to make those. The trifle will be much prettier in a glass bowl, but we didn’t have one big enough. I’ve never been a fan of trifle, but this one is Delicious!!! And we have prime rib leftovers to make some French Dip sandwiches tonight! YUM!!!

Mike went to the grocery store yesterday morning and came home with all the fixin’s. He plays in the kitchen like I play in the sewing room. And best of all, he washes dishes as he goes, so there isn’t a huge mess to clean up afterward. Have I told you what a wonderful husband he is? 🙂 I’m telling you, that trifle is going to be a problem for me all day long!

Ok, my comments on your comments! 🙂

Vickie said the scarf was beautiful but too advanced for her. Nope it’s not!!! Here’s the pattern  it’s very easy, and fun.

Shelley asked about the fabric in the first picture, it is Moda, but it’s from the Chocolat line by 3 Sisters. It’s gorgeous, I love it!

Today, work is interfering with Etsy work, so maybe tomorrow I can get those finished and up in my shop.

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Catching up on pictures

December 1, 2007

geraniums.jpgI’ve had some pictures I’ve been meaning to take, finally made myself do it this morning. Also, since the magazine is finished, I can pay some attention to my long neglected Etsy shop.

The next 2 pictures are ‘in progress for Etsy’….



Stay tuned!

I finished the first block of GAAA…


and got some new yarn in the mail…


and finally remembered to take a picture of my finished Branching Out Scarf….


And yes, I’m still a quilter 🙂 A quilter on a knitting binge!

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Happy Saturday!

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