Phew! Finally more or less caught up

geraniums.jpgI’m caught up on mailing. What a relief! Prep Tools went out today, and Kate’s pattern library. I’m waiting for Pat’s address and then it will go out tomorrow! Doesn’t it feel good to get a mountain of mail out your way?

I’m working on the funnest project! I know, funnest isn’t a word and I wouldn’t let Riley get away with it. Oh well, it adequately describes what I’m doing. Have you seen the new silk fabric RJR is making? Oh my, it is GORGEOUS!!!!!  Brenda got some kits in to the store using these silks, and I begged her to let me make one for a store sample. She did, I think I might have frightened her though. 🙂 Just kiddin’…. I’ll be taking a picture of the finished product to show you.

Even got caught up on my ironing. I know I’m probably the only woman left in North America who likes to iron, but I do. (i even iron our napkins) shhh…. don’t tell anyone, I don’t want to be laughed out of town.

Today, I’m trying to get the house back in order after our ‘experience’. We ended up keeping a lot of things on the table in the dining room because while it was cold, it was MUCH warmer than the kitchen. We’d venture into the kitchen to get a few things and then just keep them on the d.r. table. Really more things than I thought!  The sewing room was also freezer temperature, so I’d just run in here and get a few things and then run back into the living room and get under my blanket. I guess I did that a lot more than I realized cause I have LOTS of things to put away! I had kind of created a nest for myself, around my chair. Yarn, books, fabric, mail, you name it! Getting the Basket in place helped a lot but there are still quite a few things to put away.

Tomorrow, I’ll do a tiny bit of Christmas shopping and that’s about it for us! Oh… I see I just got an email from Pat, so I’ll get her packie in the mail today!

Enjoy your day!


One Response to “Phew! Finally more or less caught up”

  1. Amy Hodge Says:

    Girl, I’m a sucker for a nicely-pressed napkin myself. I have this one kitchen towel that is 100% cotton and I SWEAR it works better *as a towel* if I iron it first! I don’t iron as many things as I would like (I do have priorities, like sleeping over ironing), but I’m right there with ya!

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