I could use a suggestion…

geraniums.jpgAbout 3 yrs ago, I bought this basket at Pier 1. I love the basket, but I have no idea what to do with it. I tried hanging it on the wall, and rolling up my dishtowels to store in each little cubby, but they tended to fall out. Once the cat realized he could just reach them from the counter. (where he wasn’t supposed to be anyway)

So… We’re going to have a little contest!!!! Leave a comment, giving me your idea on how to use this basket and the one I like the best, and works the best, will win….. (I wish I had a drum) A complete pattern library of my past Idaho Quilt Company designs – their choice, quilt patterns, stitchery patterns or penny rug patterns. And the penny rug pattern library includes 1 kit!

Well, it’d probably help if you could take a peek at the basket huh?


Couldn’t help but show off my snowmen at the same time 🙂 The basket is 9 1/2 x 18. Each cubby is 4 1/2 x 3 3/4.  I don’t mind putting it on a table, or top of a cabinet, hanging it on a wall.. whatever!!!! I’m just tired of moving it around and never using it. So, bring on the bright ideas!

Now… Etsy news! I listed one item today, and hope to list one item every day until I’m out of new items! AND… I really want to get rid of the quilts I have on there, so I cut their prices in half.


Here’s the finished pillow, it’s what came out of this picture…Ok, well that’s not entirely true, now that I see this ‘unfinished’ picture. But it’s a clue as to what’s coming! (same pillow in pink and lavender fabrics) I crocheted that edging! I think it’s the perfect little extra touch.



26 Responses to “I could use a suggestion…”

  1. AmyDe Says:

    What a GREAT basket and a GREAT contest as well. I’d keep that treasure in my craft room with fat quarters rolled up in it – or cut strips in each cubby OR is will make a nice sock basket either in your dresser drawer or on top of the dresser (that way you have more drawer space). Hope you get lots of great ideas!


  2. Carrie Says:

    I’d use the basket to house my buttons. I’d mount it on the wall, like a mail box. I’ve got my buttons sorted in little (and not so little) glass jars and I’ll fill up the holes with them, putting the big jars on top.

  3. Dede Says:

    Perfect for a snow house neighborhood. Don’t you have some cute Christmas glitter houses and churches? They’re easy to find in any antiques mall right now. Treat each opening as a different property. Jazz it up by putting a small mirror on the “ground” of one of the squares to become an ice rink! I could go on and on. But you’re imagination is juiced now, I bet. Hang it on the wall when your finished. It could become a staging area to be added to every year. Oh, this could be fun!
    Crafty Holidays,

  4. Linda Says:

    Oh that brings up lots of ideas, but the one I think I would do is this one. Check out this blog and see what she did with a basket, I think the original design is from “Leanne’s House”, an Aussie designer.
    Now I’m sure someone who creates, like you do could design your own pattern to work for this basket and use it for your stitching necessities.

  5. kira Says:

    That looks like the perfect area to put gloves, keys, chapsticks … a little catch-all for all the little things we tend to misplace everyday. 🙂

  6. Dana Says:


    I’d use that basket for silverware and napkins when entertaining.

    Looks like fun to me:)


  7. Pat Says:

    I would use the basket for my current quilting or stitching project holder. I enjoy applique and embroidery. I can see those little cubbies filling up with scissors,floss,thread pencils needles and applique pieces. You could also use it as an organizer in you sewing room.You would have everything in one area that you can see without having to search through drawers. You have been given several good ideas. Good luck.

  8. Jeanne Says:

    Amyde beat me with the suggestion of keeping your favorite fat quarters in the basket. Do you have little stuffed animals?

  9. Stephanie Says:

    I love your basket, if it were mine I would fill it with my herbs and spices and leave it near me in the kitchen to inspire me into adding spice and flavour to my cooking to cheer my family.

  10. Kristin Says:

    How fun to think creatively about this! Here are a couple of ideas (since someone beat me to the the silverware basket and fat quarters ideas!):

    – Precut scraps into same-sized squares (no more than 4″ so they don’t curl up on the sides to fit in the opening) and sort by color/hue in the basket. When one section gets full, you might just be ready for a scrap quilt.

    – Hang on the wall and cover each with a small fabric door. Inside each, place a small gift, scene, or coupon. Reveal one opening each day for the 7 days leading up to Christmas. Open the last one on Christmas Day — an advent calendar for those who are too busy to count down until the last week! I’ve seen this done with old wooden Coke bottle racks.

    – Place it face down on your holiday table. Cover it and the table with your holiday cloth. It will add an interesting level to your tablescape.

    – Mount it by the door. Give each person in the family a slot in which to store their keys or garage door opener. Use extra slots for outgoing mail, a dog leash, or a book of stamps.

    – Set it face up on a table and fill with candy canes for visiting carolers.

    – Turn the side with the openings so it faces the wall. Drape a piece of fabric or small tablecloth over it. Place a holiday decoration (like the poinsettia shown in the photo) to add interesting levels to your holiday display.

    – Use it like a shadow box to show off little vintage/retro toys, Pez dispensers, wooden toys, Matchbox cars, or a single figure from a creche set in each square.

    – Make it a 3-D photo frame – mount favorite photos, trimmed to the same size as the opening and glued to foam core with spray adhesive, into the front of each opening. Hang the whole thing on the wall lengthwise, and use the top of the box as a decorative shelf.

    – Hang it on the wall (either tall or wide). Hook a single vintage ornament into the top of each section so that it dangles. Maybe put a mirror in the back of each section so you get a shiny reflection.

    – Hang it outside and see if birds will nest in it or feed from it if you put suet in each opening.

    – Store vitamin bottles in it.

    – Set it with the opening side down and create a little cushion that is the same dimensions as the top of the basket (to look like a window seat). Seat favorite dolls or animals on it.

    – Mount it in a hall closet and store vacuum cleaner attachments or light bulbs in it.

    – Put it in your bathroom and put one curling iron in each slot.

  11. Janice Says:

    So many of my ideas have already been posted but I like the one I’ve come up with. I would keep it in my sunroom and put all my gardening /planting stuff in it. Seed packages, bulbs, fertilizer tabs, row markers, string/twine, hose nozzle, gardening gloves etc. etc.

  12. Kristin Says:

    Janice – that’s a great idea!

  13. Kate Says:

    I’d put it on the craft table and keep tools in it: scissors, crochet hooks, knitting needles, paint brushes, rulers, colored pencils, quilt marking tools, needle holders, pincushion, etc.

  14. Joanna Says:

    That looks like a thread holder to me! Hang it by your sewing machine and put some pretty spools of thread in it. I love that basket – I wish I had it!

    What wonderful ideas that have been given. I really like Kate’s idea of keeping sewing/craft tools in it, and the silverware one too! So many to choose from!

  15. Sonia Says:

    How about sewing little (square bottom) sachets? You could make on for each hole, with a nice ribbon tie. You could fill them with dried fruits and/or nuts, for the holiday season; when you lay it out all you have to do is to open the ties, roll the little sachets down, if they are quite tall (othewise just leave them open), and they you get a ready to eat nice display.
    For the rest of the year you can fill the sachets (maybe with a different print) with jewlery or other items.
    Have fun!!!

  16. Pieces Says:

    I would use it to sort and store trims–stand cards of bias tape and rick rack in some slots, line up rolls of ribbon in the others.

    It would be fun to do themes to inspire you in your studio. For example, before valentines day pull together pink and red trims, ribbons, fat quarters, buttons and threads and fill the slots with them. A basket of holiday inspiration!

  17. Julie Says:

    I would make good use of it in a draw, in fact I have one the right size, a draw that is not the basket. It would be great for socks, hankies, scarves, even costume jewellry. I love nice socks so they would be folded just rights so each time I opened the draw they would be on display, just for me.

  18. Amy Says:

    I’m thinking for a guest room. In each slot put something different. Hand towels & towels, slippers, soaps, lotions, shampoos, conditioners, magazines or crossword books, sleep mask, bag of candy, or anything that might make a guest feel more comfy. This could be kept in a guest room or tucked away and pulled out when guests come over. That is if you have guests who stay at your house ever- if not then I have no other ideas that have not already been listed.

  19. Heather Says:

    I could really use a basket like this to keep my most used kitchen utensils — wooden spoons, spatulas, soup ladles, etc. — organized. I have SOOOO many of these jammed into a drawer that I often have trouble opening or closing that drawer. I’d dig them all out and organize them into this basket instead … and maybe make the drawer into a junk drawer.

    But all these ideas are so terrific that what I really want is to find about ten of these baskets, LOL.

  20. Tabitha Says:

    I thought using it to store rick-rack and bias was a great idea–that’s what I would do.

    We have a wood shelf with similar proportions that we use to store CDs–wicker would look much cozier. Also, how about using it to serve drinks when your entertaining. Fill each sections with a glass, the cocktail napkins, and any condiments needed.

    Can’t wait to read about your final decision!

  21. Lori Says:

    You could always store your most prized Christmas ornaments in it. Then you could guarantee they wouldn’t break.

  22. paula, the quilter Says:

    You could keep it in the powder room and keep rolled up hand towels and wash cloths in it.

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