Giveaway Time!

geraniums.jpgIt’s so fun to give things away! Blogs come in handy for that πŸ™‚

Ok, I have 3 of these – Prep-Tools, and I have to tell you, I LOVE THIS LITTLE TOOL! It works perfectly everytime and if you need something to accurately and easily mark 1/4″ seam – this is the best! The inventor/manufacturer gave me 3 of them to give away.

So, comment away! Comments from this post and on untilΒ  December 5, 2007Β  (comments prior to this post will not be counted) will qualify toΒ  be entered into the drawing.Β  And, I might even stick a little handmade something in there πŸ™‚

Good news, the magazine is finished πŸ™‚ and off to be burned onto CD’s and then mailed out. And you all know what happens after that… FREE Cotton Spice!Β 


44 Responses to “Giveaway Time!”

  1. Paula Says:

    Hi Karen-These little tools look great – I need all the help I can get. I dont expect a freebie- but Im going to check these out further. Like your blog – been lurking for a while now!

  2. Susan Ingle Says:

    Karen, can’t wait to start reading Cotton Spice. I’ve just recently found your blog and have been enjoying it. I’m always happy to put my name in for a give-away and if I should be so lucky, will enjoy using this new tool. If not, let me at least thank you for the opportunity and wish you all the wonder of the holiday season.

  3. Kitty Says:

    Gosh, I’ve never seen one of those little gadgets before – looks interesting. My mum’s into quilting but I’m pretty sure she’s never had one of those either.

    Keep up the good work πŸ™‚

  4. Eileen Says:

    I have you on my Bloglines … so see your every new post! That little gizmo looks pretty interesting … what a sneaky way to get comments! I have a blog myself and always look forward to comments.

  5. Tabitha Says:

    Thank you!

  6. Amy Says:

    That’s a great tool! What a nice give-away!

  7. Dana Says:

    YEah!! Free Cotton Spice:)) Sounds like fun to me!
    I’d love to enter the giveaway! Thanks for such a nice offer!


  8. Kate Says:

    Nifty little gadget. I’ve just discovered your blog recently. You’ve got some great projects on here.

  9. Becky Says:

    I’d LOVE to win one of these. It would help my new found quilting skills. I think. πŸ™‚


  10. marcie Says:

    Cool tool. I’ve never seen this before and would love to try it. Thanks for the chance!

  11. sarah Says:

    Hi, i would love to be entered in your giveaway.
    Sarah x

  12. Linda Says:

    What a neat little tool. Am looking forward to the launch of the freebie magazine.

  13. Amy Says:

    That looks like a really cool tool. And congrats on getting magazine done!

  14. Kim Campbell Says:

    Oooo! I can’t wait for the mag to be online! Yippee! And this tool would be awesome for a beginner quilter like me!!!

  15. Amanda N. Says:

    Oh, I would love to be put in the drawing!

    Yay! Free Cotton Spice! πŸ™‚

  16. sharon Says:

    That just might be my dream tool!

  17. emily Says:

    the lurking just came to an end!

  18. Cory Says:

    I just checked out the Prep Tool and it looks like a wonderful new tool. I’d love to have one. Please enter my name in the drawing. Take care and God bless, Cory

  19. Gail Says:

    Please count me in for the giveaway…this would be a great gift for my sister-in-law, Carol-The Quilter…Thank you and “Happy Quilting”!

  20. Maren Says:

    I recently came across your blog and love all your fun ideas!

  21. Jane Says:

    I love, love, love tools! These look very interesting. I’ve been enjoying your
    last minute gift countdown thanks.

  22. Jeanne Says:

    Please enter my name in the drawing for the tool. Thanks!

  23. Suzi Says:

    That looks really useful!

  24. Amy Says:

    I have been loving your blog for about a month now! Good luck to all!

  25. Lisa C. Says:

    Nice blog. I loved your napkins. Did you serge them or hem with the sewing machine?

    Merry Christmas!

  26. Karen Gass Says:

    Hi Lisa C., I lined them with a coordinating fabric. Like I was making a pillow I left an opening to turn, and then sewed up the opening. Now, if I had a serger, I would have serged them πŸ™‚

  27. Paula Says:

    This looks so neat! Please enter me. Thanks. πŸ™‚

  28. Lisa Says:

    What a cool tool – I love sewing gadgets like my DH loves tools. Thanks for hosting a giveaway.

  29. Dallas Says:

    This looks like a really neat gadget – I’ve never seen one before.

  30. Angela Says:

    Oooh — those tools look like fun, please count me in as well!

  31. Leslie Says:

    Oooh, a give-away! Love give-aways. Hope I’m one of the lucky ones. Thanks for being so generous!

  32. Pat Says:

    It looks like a great tool. I love new tools and gadgets.

  33. Leigh Gibson Says:

    That would be a very handy tool.

  34. SuZ Says:

    I just found your site !!! love it !!! thanks…I’m going to look around now…

  35. Julie Says:

    Please put me in the draw as I am new to quilting any help I can get is great.

  36. Amy Says:

    Here’s my comment. And thank you for your great blog!

  37. Karina Says:

    your site is great.i would love to entered to your giveaway

  38. Sally M Says:

    OOHH that looks a nifty little gadget.

  39. Barbara Bunchuk Says:

    I just love blog giveaways. Count me in!

  40. Brenda Cloud Says:

    love reading cotton Spice Blog and am very interested in this tool since I have problems maintaining my 1/4″ marks. Hope to win one

  41. Jane B Says:

    Wow, that tool would be so helpful! Sure wish I had thought of it ;).

  42. Beth Says:

    That’s a neat little gadget! I could have used it last night!!! Love your blog!

  43. Helen Stubbings Says:

    pick me!!!

    just looking for your snail mail to send you some goodies, so thought I’d leave a comment whilst here….hi Karen


  44. SuZ Says:

    I sure could use one of those !!!!!

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