Wrapping up The Last Minute Gift Countdown!!!!!

geraniums.jpgHave you enjoyed the last 2 weeks? I sure have. I’ve loved reading all your comments and picking the winners… I just sent out the winners email, so check your email! Once I hear from all of them, I’ll post a winners list.

So… WHAT is the ultimate Freebie I’ve been promising? Are you sitting down? πŸ™‚

Sometime in December, the Cotton Spice Quilting Magazine will be FREE!!!!! once our subscribers receive their Dec issue CD, the website will no longer require a password to access the magazines. And… all the back issues are on the website, you’ll be able to read/view them all!

So.. what happened for the 14 winners who were supposed to win a free subscription? They are receiving website access immediately and a CD of the Cotton Spice Christmas Cookbook in their mailbox.

A big thank you to all the participating designers – weren’t they great? I hope you’ve all been to visit their sites and blogs.

Thank you again!


p.s. if you want to keep up on all the news, as it happens, sign up here to receive our weekly newsletter


5 Responses to “Wrapping up The Last Minute Gift Countdown!!!!!”

  1. Kira Says:

    I have absolutely loved, loved, loved getting to see these awesome tutorials each day! Thank-you so much for doing this … I can’t wait to finish making a bunch of the things … thanks! πŸ™‚

  2. Michelle Says:

    I can’t belive I missed out!!!! 😦 but I’m signing up for the newletter~! thanks

  3. Vickie Says:

    Oh My Gosh!!! I can’t believe I won! Thank you so much! I am so excited to get the down loads! They are great!!! Your blog is great, the website is great, the magazine is great!!! Everything is great!! I can’t wait to get the Cookbook CD!!!

    Thank you!

    Have a Great Day!!

  4. Lynne Says:

    Many thanks for all your hard work putting all this together. It was very enjoyable looking every day to see what was new!

    Great news about the magazine – it will make it possible for me to read it from France.

  5. Barb Jansz Says:

    Your blog is so interesting, inspiring and helpful. I can’t wait to share your free Cotton Spice Quilting magazine information with my little quilt guild in our next newsletter. You inspired me to do a program at last night’s guild meeting that I called “Easy Last Minute Gifts.”

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