Cotton Spice presents… Quiltalicious, LLC – by TK Harrison





Tammy Harrison from and her website is


6 Responses to “Cotton Spice presents… Quiltalicious, LLC – by TK Harrison”

  1. Vicke Says:

    This is a wonderful idea!
    I’m thankful I found your blog and your site!!
    Thank you!

  2. Vickie Says:

    I really can spell my name!

  3. Amy Says:

    What a really cute idea! I am not hosting Thanksgiving, but Icould still make and bring! HMMMM now to find the time!

  4. Helena Says:

    What a beautiful idea. I´ll use it for other occassions, ´cause here in middle europe ThanksGiving isn´t celebrated. All these wonderful tipps are my greatest birthday present, I could find!
    Snowy greetingz from Austria!

  5. Last Minute Gift Countdown #3 from Cotton Spice Quilting Magazine | Quilt Therapy Says:

    […] Holidays can be exciting, stressful and fun for all involved – but, a family affair usually means someone may not feel as special because they’re not getting individualized attention!  I decided this year, I’d give thanks to each person who sat at our Thanksgiving table, with a homemade placard that had a special message for each diner on it.  It allows me to take a few minutes out of the days leading up to the harried event by spending it with one person, in my thoughts, while I create their placard.  Each placard is different, each says a special something that’s intended for the person who’s sharing our table, and each one is special!  We usually say the blessing with our holiday meal and then we each go around the table to give thanks to someone that has touched our lives — this year, I get to thank each person with their placards, because they have ALL blessed me! For more Last Minute Gift Countdown ideas, please visit Cotton Spice quilting magazine! […]

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