Cotton Spice presents… Hugs ‘n Kisses, by Helen Stubbings




Fresh Hearts Bag

Easy to make little bag


Four- six skinny or fat quarters coordinating fabric or raid your stash

Fusible fleece or normal wadding and spray glue

General sewing supplies – sewing machine and free machine foot

Plastic strip – try overhead projector strips, template plastic or ask at your laminating shop for the offcuts of laminating plastic – this is double layer and nice and flexible but strong or cut a strip from a plastic icecream container.

Download the full size template here heart-bag-template.pdf


Trace outline of template (change size as desired) onto wrong side of one fabric. Mark extra dotted stitching lines. Lay right sides together with second piece of fabric.





Cut out on drawn lines. Lay wrong side onto fusible fleece (or spray baste onto normal wadding) and trim back to edge of fabric. Fuse. Stitch around outside edge using a ¼? seam allowance and on dotted stitching lines leaving a 2? opening on one side


Use a small stitch length and reinforce when stitching to the inside points on the dotted stitch lines. Clip into the inner points with sharp small scissors and trim corners. Turn through opening and slip stitch opening closed. Press well. Use your free machine quilting foot to have some fun and lightly quilt the complete piece however you like.

Fold your bag in half matching the top curved heart edges. Mark using a blue water erasable pen from each corner to the bottom edge where the opening finishes. Stitch reinforcing at the both ends.



Open out flaps and pin towards the centre.


Attach a yo-yo or button or other embellishment to hold the ‘flaps’ open revealing the lining fabric.




Handle – cut a strip 2? wide by whatever length you have. Sew right sides together, trim corners, turn right side out and press. Insert a ½? strip of plastic inside the tube. Stitch one end closed catching the plastic in the stitching. Gather up any excess fabric onto the plastic strip then stitch across the other end again through the plastic and fabric to hold the gathers. Attach the handle either side of the top of your bag with some fancy buttons.

For more info or other Hugs ‘n Kisses patterns visit

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4 Responses to “Cotton Spice presents… Hugs ‘n Kisses, by Helen Stubbings”

  1. Vickie Says:

    I love all of your ideas so far! As soon as I found out about this I put it on my blog!
    Thank you for making the ideas and tutorials available!

  2. jenclair Says:

    I arrived via Moonstitches, and I’m so glad I did. What a cute purse–thanks for the tutorial!

  3. » Blog Archive » Neue Links Says:

    […] Henkel-Tasche […]

  4. mandine Says:

    C’est adorable, bravo.

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