Cotton Spice presents…Plumcute Designs, by Tracy Souza

Plumcute Designs™

I love to give gifts that are tailored to the recipient don’t you? So, this holiday season I am collecting a few of my loved ones favorite things, stashing them in jars, and decking the jars out with these handmade wrappings! You’d be amazed what will fit into a wide mouth, quart sized Mason jar. This one here is full of stamps for a certain scrap booker I know. But these jars will hold all sorts of wonderful little gifts like bath salts, hot chocolate (& marshmallows), hot wheels, buttons & ribbons & trims, travel size lotions for someone’s favorite body shop, and the list goes on. I even have a few gift cards that may get wrapped this way! I have added a custom tag & ornament to the group just for fun. I sure hope you all enjoy making these little goodies as much as I did!

Happy Holidays!

Tracy Souza




One wide mouth quart size Mason jar

5×26 Black wool

5×6 Light Green wool

3×4 Dark Green wool

3×7 Red Plaid wool

Three ¼? red buttons

Five snowflake buttons or white buttons of varying sizes

18 inches of ¼? wide green ribbon

Coordinating thread or embroidery floss

**Optional black paint for lid of jar…I just spray-painted mine with flat black


Cut from black wool one large rectangle measuring 4×13, one small rectangle measuring 3×4, and two circles using template

Cut from red plaid wool three hearts

Cut from light green wool two holly leaves and 1½x4 rectangle

Cut from dark green wool two holly leaves


To make wrap for jar

Step 1

Center one red heart on large black rectangle and running stitch around outer edge of heart to secure it to black wool

Step 2

Layer one each of light and dark green wool holly leaves onto heart as shown in picture and running stitch down the center of each leaf to secure it to black wool

Step 3

Cluster three red ¼? buttons and sew onto center of heart (these are your holly berries)

Step 4

Sew snowflake buttons to black wool as shown in picture…your appliquéd jar cover is now ready to put onto the jar

Step 5

Wrap appliquéd cover tightly around the mid-section of the jar. The ends should overlap slightly (this is intentional). Running stitch up the back of jar cover through both layers of wool so that jar cover is now held snugly on jar.


To make tag

Step 1

Layer from the bottom up small black wool rectangle, green wool rectangle, and one red plaid wool heart

Step 2

Stack one snowflake button onto above wool stack in the center of your red plaid wool heart & stitch button through all three layers of wool until secure.

Step 3

Make a small incision (about ¼? wide) across the top of your wool tag through the black and green layers of wool. This is for running the ribbon through to attach the tag to your jar.

Step 4

Run ribbon through the tag as shown and it is now ready to tie onto the jar

To make penny ornament

Step 1

Layer one red plaid wool heart onto the center of one black wool circle. Running stitch around outer edge of heart

Step 2

Layer one each of light and dark green wool holly leaves onto heart as shown in picture and running stitch down the center of each leaf to secure it to black wool circle

Step 3

Center one snowflake button on heart & sew into place. You now have your ornament top finished.

Step 4

With wrong sides together layer ornament top & second black wool circle which is your ornament back.

Step 5

Blanket stitch around outer edge of circles through both layers. Once you have gone all the way around your ornament is ready for a loop to hang.

Step 6

Add a floss or ribbon loop to top center of ornament for hanging


Pattern Templates


Circle should measure approximately 3¾ across

Heart is about 2 inches tall

Holly leaf is about 2¼

figure5.jpg(Click on diagram to get full sized templates)


Visit Tracy’s blog here and her website here Be sure to visit Tracy’s blog, she’s having a giveaway also, you won’t want to miss it!

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  1. Felicia Says:


  2. Diane Says:

    I love the idea of using the mason jars!

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  4. Lisa Says:

    I love these decorated Mason Jars…very nice projects for gifts. Thanks for posting!!!

  5. Becky Says:

    What a terrific idea!!! So many great things you can fill up those jars with for gifts. Thanks for all the great ideas!

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