Catching Up Again…

geraniums.jpgWe are getting ready for The Last Minute Gift Countdown – starting November 5. Just wait until you see some of these projects! They are beautiful and even better… easy to make! I can’t wait to start showing them off.

I found a great website – They have all kinds of ways for you to support our troops, but they’re main function serves as a place to hook up a soldier with a supporting family/person. We ‘adopted’ a soldier of our own 🙂 and by doing that, we agree to send a card or letter once a week and a care package once a month. There are soldiers who rarely to never get mail or care packages, and it just makes a hard job harder. It means the world to them to know there are people at home, caring about them and praying for them, and taking the time to send things in the mail. I would encourage you to adopt a soldier.

The eCookbook is just about finished. We are going through proofreading and I’m hoping to have that finished today! It’s a beautiful eCookbook, 71 pages, filled with the yummiest recipes contributed by Cotton Spice readers and subscribers. I could hardly stand it to put this cookbook together, I was hungry the entire time! I’ll let you know the minute it’s ready!

The December issue of CS is just about done, work continues on that and it is, of course, just beautiful 🙂

More later… karen


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