Tornado Sirens in October?

geraniums.jpgWhat’s up with the weather? The other night about 9 or so, the sirens went off. Well, tornado’s are strictly a springtime activity!! (right?) Just say yes. So, we check the news, and yes we do have some nasty storms expected any minute. They were expecting 70-90 mph winds and the sirens were to warn us. Thank you… i think.

So, we did what every normal person would do. We went out on the porch to watch! 🙂 There was no wind, not even a breeze. But the sky was a little ‘weird-looking’… kind of pinkish. Then a breeze. Just a little breeze. Then we looked out at the street and suddenly buckets of water were coming down and the wind took those buckets and drenched us in about 2 seconds.

Our front porch wraps around half of the house, and we were standing at the corner. Halfway. By the time we got back to the front door and inside safely, we were dripping. That’s how hard it rained and blew – in about a half second.

So…the back porch is much safer 🙂 We went out back and watched the storm from there. And yes, I do believe we had those 70-90 mph winds, but only for about 5 minutes. However, remember our broken branch in the backyard? It’s the middle of a ‘situation’. The tree belongs to the neighbor next door. Even though the branch is tangled up in power lines, all the Electric Company will do is come out and remove the lines while ‘someone’ cuts the branch down. Tree owner says it’s not his responsibility cause that part of the tree is in our yard, and we don’t have the equipment to cut down such a big branch so far UP in the tree ourselves. We would if we did. However… the winds did not even budge this branch. (we were kind of hoping the wind would blow it down and the issue would be settled)


You can see the power lines going through it


That circle is where it split and I’d say it’s at least 30 ft above the ground. Even as far as the branch has fallen we can’t touch it while we stand underneath it and we don’t stand underneath it for very long.

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