The Tulsa State Fair

geraniums.jpgWell, it was an interesting day, I’ll say that much. I’ll sum up the bad part of the day in one sentence, to get it over with and then I’ll move on to the good parts of the day. Ahem….

Ticket taker tore up our tickets, needed for the concert/rodeo, office didn’t really believe us about that, many trips back and forth to entry gate and will call office, got tickets, found seats at rodeo, got kicked out by 2 wheelchairs who didn’t even use the seats and we sat next to the sound platform and approximately 8″ from the arena itself, got closer than we ever wanted to be to a bucking bronc and got lots of dirt in our beer.

Have to take a breath now. Actually, Chris got dirt in his beer, the rest of us didn’t have beer, but it was a nice ending to the sentence. 🙂


They had an interesting petting zoo, which included a giraffe. This guy was too cute!

The rodeo was really fun. But it was a little nerve racking  being so close to the action. The rail between the arena and the seats was pretty strong, but a hoof or an horn could have easily come through where it wasn’t wanted. It didn’t.

We were also going to see the Jodee Messina concert after the concert. We figured it would take about an hour to get the stage set up and the band going. Nope. The stage was lowered, fully set up, from the ceiling and the concert started in about 10 minutes after the rodeo ended. Wow. It was still 1am before we got home.

So, that’s all from me, I’m still kinda tired.


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