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October 31, 2007

Our first granddaughter, Riah Mckay.  She weighed 7lbs 9oz and is 21″ long.  Of course, pictures don’t do her justice, but it will have to do.  🙂



Here she is, lying very comfy on Papa’s lap, sleeping away like a good girl.

The Cotton Spice eCookbook is finished!

October 28, 2007

geraniums.jpgGet your cookbook HERE  It’s 71 pages of yummy recipes, ingenious and clever decorating tips and ideas. And it’s a great deal! Download a copy for $9.95 or purchase a CD copy for $14.95.

I compiled all the reader contributions into chapters, and did the illustrations in the recipe part of the book. My sister, Kris Lammers illustrated the second part of the book filled with decorating tips and ideas. The book is rich and vibrant, and you will love it! cookbookcover.gif

Catching Up Again…

October 26, 2007

geraniums.jpgWe are getting ready for The Last Minute Gift Countdown – starting November 5. Just wait until you see some of these projects! They are beautiful and even better… easy to make! I can’t wait to start showing them off.

I found a great website – They have all kinds of ways for you to support our troops, but they’re main function serves as a place to hook up a soldier with a supporting family/person. We ‘adopted’ a soldier of our own 🙂 and by doing that, we agree to send a card or letter once a week and a care package once a month. There are soldiers who rarely to never get mail or care packages, and it just makes a hard job harder. It means the world to them to know there are people at home, caring about them and praying for them, and taking the time to send things in the mail. I would encourage you to adopt a soldier.

The eCookbook is just about finished. We are going through proofreading and I’m hoping to have that finished today! It’s a beautiful eCookbook, 71 pages, filled with the yummiest recipes contributed by Cotton Spice readers and subscribers. I could hardly stand it to put this cookbook together, I was hungry the entire time! I’ll let you know the minute it’s ready!

The December issue of CS is just about done, work continues on that and it is, of course, just beautiful 🙂

More later… karen

Italian Bread

October 21, 2007

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geraniums.jpgIt was finally cold enough to bake bread. I made a big pot of lentil soup and this Italian bread. I’ve never seen a bowl of lentil soup that looked appetizing in a picture, so I’ve spared you that. But I’m sharing the bread!


Tornado Sirens in October?

October 19, 2007

geraniums.jpgWhat’s up with the weather? The other night about 9 or so, the sirens went off. Well, tornado’s are strictly a springtime activity!! (right?) Just say yes. So, we check the news, and yes we do have some nasty storms expected any minute. They were expecting 70-90 mph winds and the sirens were to warn us. Thank you… i think.

So, we did what every normal person would do. We went out on the porch to watch! 🙂 There was no wind, not even a breeze. But the sky was a little ‘weird-looking’… kind of pinkish. Then a breeze. Just a little breeze. Then we looked out at the street and suddenly buckets of water were coming down and the wind took those buckets and drenched us in about 2 seconds.

Our front porch wraps around half of the house, and we were standing at the corner. Halfway. By the time we got back to the front door and inside safely, we were dripping. That’s how hard it rained and blew – in about a half second.

So…the back porch is much safer 🙂 We went out back and watched the storm from there. And yes, I do believe we had those 70-90 mph winds, but only for about 5 minutes. However, remember our broken branch in the backyard? It’s the middle of a ‘situation’. The tree belongs to the neighbor next door. Even though the branch is tangled up in power lines, all the Electric Company will do is come out and remove the lines while ‘someone’ cuts the branch down. Tree owner says it’s not his responsibility cause that part of the tree is in our yard, and we don’t have the equipment to cut down such a big branch so far UP in the tree ourselves. We would if we did. However… the winds did not even budge this branch. (we were kind of hoping the wind would blow it down and the issue would be settled)


You can see the power lines going through it


That circle is where it split and I’d say it’s at least 30 ft above the ground. Even as far as the branch has fallen we can’t touch it while we stand underneath it and we don’t stand underneath it for very long.

Check out The Last Minute Gift Countdown!!

Our First Autumn Dinner

October 16, 2007

geraniums.jpgYou’re thinking soup simmering on the back burner, crusty home made bread? Nope, but something equally yummy.

Pumpkin Pancakes! There was a lovely recipe in the first issue of Seasonal Delights  and it was finally time to try it. Oh. My. Goodness!!!! They were delicious and definitely a keeper!

The soup and bread will be coming, but it has to be colder outside. We’re still getting into the 70’s some afternoons, and that’s not bread baking weather.

I haven’t done any stitching for awhile, but that will resume once the December issue of Cotton Spice is done. I still have curtains to make, and trim to finish painting (yeah, no kidding… the amount of woodwork in this house is amazing), lots and lots of knitting to do!

I finally received my Ravelry invitation and boy has it been fun! It’s the coolest knitting site/community ever invented and it’s still in beta testing, but it works just fine by my book! You can go and get on the waiting list, I’m not sure how long it will be before it’s open to the public, but it is an incredible place. I’ll talk about it more later.

Not only am I getting the December issue together, I’m putting together the eCookbook. This cookbook is really turning into something fantastic!!

Coming Events!

October 15, 2007


Join us here at Cotton Spice Blog for 2 weeks of the best Gift Project Tutorials to be found. We’ve got about 14 designers of Quilts, Usables, Baby Things, Paper Goods … etc, etc. You’ll have to wait and see! More later….

and don’t forget, today is the deadline for Recipes!

Iron Chef

October 11, 2007

We are Iron Chef fans. We watched Iron Chef before there was an American version and the entire show was translated into English.

The Next Iron Chef show started last Sunday. We recorded it and only got it to watch it the other night. We Loved This Show. I’m sorry it’s only going to be on for a limited time. Where else would you see someone make a dessert out of tripe?

There are times when we’d love to be judges, but other times – No thank you! This last show on Sunday night – everything looked good, and we wished we were judges. 🙂

PIF Update: I have 3 PIF friends… but I’m going to keep it going and look for 3 more PIF friends! 🙂 Join in!!

The Tulsa State Fair

October 6, 2007

geraniums.jpgWell, it was an interesting day, I’ll say that much. I’ll sum up the bad part of the day in one sentence, to get it over with and then I’ll move on to the good parts of the day. Ahem….

Ticket taker tore up our tickets, needed for the concert/rodeo, office didn’t really believe us about that, many trips back and forth to entry gate and will call office, got tickets, found seats at rodeo, got kicked out by 2 wheelchairs who didn’t even use the seats and we sat next to the sound platform and approximately 8″ from the arena itself, got closer than we ever wanted to be to a bucking bronc and got lots of dirt in our beer.

Have to take a breath now. Actually, Chris got dirt in his beer, the rest of us didn’t have beer, but it was a nice ending to the sentence. 🙂


They had an interesting petting zoo, which included a giraffe. This guy was too cute!

The rodeo was really fun. But it was a little nerve racking  being so close to the action. The rail between the arena and the seats was pretty strong, but a hoof or an horn could have easily come through where it wasn’t wanted. It didn’t.

We were also going to see the Jodee Messina concert after the concert. We figured it would take about an hour to get the stage set up and the band going. Nope. The stage was lowered, fully set up, from the ceiling and the concert started in about 10 minutes after the rodeo ended. Wow. It was still 1am before we got home.

So, that’s all from me, I’m still kinda tired.

So, yesterday I turned 49…

October 2, 2007

geraniums.jpgIt was a lovely day. My mom was here to celebrate with me and we did a birthday lunch. My mom and my sisters have a wonderful birthday lunch tradition, and it’s been about 2 years since I’ve had one, since I moved to Missouri. So, that was very special.  We also spent a few hours at Hobby Lobby, continuing the decorating. When we moved into the new house, I found I had a lot more wall space, and just space in general! My walls are pretty bare. But I prefer to add things that I really love and not just fill the spaces for the sake of filling the spaces.

We talked about how our society has changed. It used to be that when you were in your late 40’s and up, it was ok to look like you were that age. You used to be able to tell the grandma’s from the mom’s and the mom’s from the younger women. Not so much anymore. We are all striving to keep that young look and it doesn’t matter how old you get, you still have to look young. It doesn’t help that singers and actresses are in their 60’s but still looking like they are in their 20’s. For one thing, they have the bucks to make it happen, but really… I thought when I got to be this age, I could relax a little.

My grandma never wore blue jeans, but I do! I never saw either one of my grandma’s wear a T-shirt or lounge around on a lazy day in their jammie pants. I doubt they ever had lazy days.

In all the freedom women have gained over the last 100 years, I think we’ve also lost something. The role lines are blurred past recognition. In our striving to be all we can be, we lost a bit of dignity and a sense of what’s right and what shouldn’t be right. In our efforts to prove we are just as good as a man, we began to view femininity as a sign of weakness. It’s very sad really. We shouldn’t be afraid to be a woman, to look like a woman and to act like a lady. We don’t have to prove anything.

Saturday night Mike and I went to a Kansas concert. It was fun and we had a good time. What was interesting to me, aside from the band, was the diversity of people attending. Most were our age, and you could tell from a glance who had moved on and who hadn’t. Many people there still lived in the 70’s. Women in their 30’s and 40’s, looked like they hadn’t taken very good care of themselves, long hair, no makeup, and wearing the T-shirts with no bra. This was attractive in the 70’s when were 18 – it’s not so attractive now!

I don’t advocate that we all begin to wear dresses to the grocery store and suits with little hats to church.  That’s not my point at all. But, let’s not forget that we are women and let ourselves indulge our femininity, and let ourselves wear dresses if we want to, and learn some basic etiquette  and learn some basics in taking care of ourselves.

Well, that was an interesting bunny trail. I really didn’t intend to go there, but since my fingers did… I’ll keep it. 🙂

Don’t forget, I still have one more space on PIF!!!!!