The Day/Ny-Quil love affair

geraniums.jpgYup, I love ’em.

Just about the time I got over my allergies I got this horrible, awful flu/cold/plague type of illness. Yes I’m whining. I kept working on the New Jersey Girls quilt, made so many mistakes. Fixed them and soldiered on. Finally had to acknowledge defeat and call in the reinforcements. Brenda to the rescue! She agreed to finish the quilt and have it ready for the machine quilter today. But it is giving her fits too, so it may be a ‘project for another day’. We’ll see.

I did get dressed today – that’s an improvement but I keep my dayquil close by. The laundry HAD to be done if Mike was going to go to work tomorrow in clothes. I kind of threw it all down the stairs cause there was too much to carry. It’s washing.

It’s time to watch I Love Lucy and knit something simple. Back later when I’m healthier.


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