It must be Fall

because my eyes, throat and ears are itchy beyond belief! And yesterday I bought bread flour. Two sure signs of Fall. It’s time for drugs and bread to be baked.

Currently I’m working a quilt for New Jersey Girls. It’ll be in the December magazine and also hanging in their booth at Market. So, I have to have it finished really really quickly. The bad part? I ran out of one of the fabrics. One half of the NJG is quickly sending me more, but it isn’t here yet.

I also have a get a quilt done from Ho! Ho! Ho! to put it up on the website to make up for the lack of quilts in the September issue.

Various Christmas projects are underway, and I can’t say anything about any of them.

Just believe me, I’m busy. And itchy.

Yesterday I bought mini pumpkins at the grocery store. They also had white pumpkins and tiger stripe pumpkins. I had no idea.

Have you seen this? Seasonal Delight Magazine.  This is a Gorgeous magazine, started by Kelli and Phillip Winn. They work out of their home and put much of themselves into their publication. The first issue is available online – go and check them out. Tell them Cotton Spice sent you! I highly recommend this magazine.

Back to quilting… have a wonderful day!


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