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Giveaway Winner

August 5, 2007

is Leah S. I’ve emailed her and read her blogs… very fun! Congrats Leah on the win! Your Calla Coasters will be mailed out very soon.


New Sweater

August 5, 2007

geraniums.jpgI’m starting a new sweater, as soon as the pattern and yarn get here. Normally, I just make what I have to make from the Yarn Stash. An overflowing Rubbermaid tote. It has a lid, I just can’t get it on. I have other yarn too, in drawers and other drawers.

But this time, I’m making the sweater from the beginning with what I know is enough yarn and the proper size needles. I ordered the Spring 2007 issue of Interweave Knits. I subscribe to this magazine but my subscription started with the Summer issue.  When I looked at the projects which had been featured in the Spring 2007 issue, I loved so many of them, I had to order it.  First project –


This is called the ‘dollar and a half sweater’. Not sure why, but it’s gorgeous! I’ll be making it in –


since the yarn called for in the directions is very hard to find, it’s a new yarn, which I’ll buy when it becomes widely available and make another one!

In Season: Blackberries

August 4, 2007

Mike stopped at the Farmers Market yesterday and brought home 2 baskets of luscious blackberries, some fragrant peaches and tomato’s that taste like tomato’s!



I had to take a taste from the other corner, you know, to make sure it’s ok for the others to eat 🙂

Fun sites

August 3, 2007

geraniums.jpgWith so many places to visit on the Internet, it almost seems rare anymore to run into something truly unique. Every once in a while you find something you haven’t seen before, or really… even thought of anything like it! Like this site –

The Grocery List Collection – occasionally I’ll see someone’s forgotten or lost grocery list, in the empty cart or in an aisle, maybe on a shelf where they left it. I think they’re interesting to read. I also like to see what people have in their carts – do the foods in the cart match the person? Usually. I’m not sure I’m so interested in lost grocery lists that I’d catalogue them though. I remember writing a very specific grocery list one time, meals planned, on a very limited budget. When I got out of the car the wind grabbed my list and took it! I chased that silly thing all over the parking lot, never did retrieve it. It’s possible that list ended up on this site! Not that I’ll be looking for it.

Can you wash your down comforter at home? – It appears that you can! Shannon washed hers the other day and it turned out beautifully. I’m washing mine today, based on her success. We use a very gentle soap with tea tree oil in it, Kookaburra Wool Wash. I use this on all my wool handknit socks. It’s lovely.

Have you ever heard of a Stripe Generator? Well, I found one, and it’s kind of fun!


August 2, 2007

To celebrate my new blog design, which I love – I’m giving away some Calla Coasters. I made these, using this pattern, free from The Purl Bee. I wish my pictures turned out as well as theirs, but the coasters themselves are Very Nice.

coasters.jpg coasters1.jpg


They are made from 100% cotton yarn, thread and fabric. Very washer/dryer friendly. Set of 4, handknitted Calla Coasters!

Just comment here between now and Saturday, August 4, 2007. Saturday night, I’ll pick someone who’ll receive this nice little packie in the mail!

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It’s a new YoYo day…

August 2, 2007

geraniums.jpgHave you seen that new YoYo maker from Clover? I like new gadgets as much as the next quilter, but when I heard about this, I kind of snickered. In my craft show days, I made hundreds of yoyo’s – the old fashioned way. Yes, some of them were kind of wonky, but that was the nature of the yoyo! A real quilter wouldn’t use a yoyo maker! ha!

Fast forward 20 yrs… or so. I’m making some new curtains for the kitchen and it occurred to me that a white yoyo chain would be a perfect border for the edges. So, I started making yoyo’s. And it also occurred to me that I wanted them ALL to look nice. At about the same time, I read a review of the new Clover YoYo Maker and heard it was absolutely Wonderful! So, I ordered one.

I have to tell you it’s the neatest thing since sliced bread! Here’s a picture of my Very First yoyo-


Since I didn’t want to waste a 4 1/2″ square of fabric trying out the yoyo maker, I cut a square from the white I’m planning to use for the yoyo’s. I’m so cheap, er, I mean frugal! And this was my first yoyo, it’s absolutely perfect. I’m a convert!