Knitting update

geraniums.jpgI tried and tried to make a gauge for my dollar and a half cardigan. It didn’t work out. It never turned out the same way twice, I couldn’t find any needles to get gauge. I finally wrote to the magazine to ask for help, no answer. I’m sure they’re busy.

Since the name of the pattern is unique, I googled it. And found that this sweater pattern is one of the awful ones. Many mistakes, and the people who did finish it were geniuses. I saw pictures of it made up and am in awe of those knitters. I read stories written by expert knitters and saw (rather than read) their pages of corrections and pictures to explain what was going on. I decided I didn’t need to turmoil or the frustration in my life.

So, I spent a few days looking for another pattern that would work with the yarn I bought. I finally landed on this one. bonsai_tunic134.jpg

I’ve got about 4″ done and it’s turning out great. Pictures soon. Also coming soon, pictures of neat thread boxes, and embroidery lessons. But today, I’m working on my classes, and knitting and enjoying another day off.

I also received some very fun fabric in the mail, that I’m going to play with. Pictures of that too are coming.

More later!


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