People Watching

Just about everyone I know loves to people watch. We are very interested in what other people are doing, wearing, eating and buying.

I’ve found a wonderful place to people watch. Right behind home plate. Watching the Cardinals games like we do every night, well, every night they are on, you can watch a lot of people. I’d say more than half of the camera time is spent on home plate – hitters hitting, runners scoring, catchers throwing people out – mainly Molina. 🙂 I guess I don’t remember what was a strike with the other pitcher, and now it’s a ball, cause I’m busy watching the people sitting in the most expensive seats in the ball park.

One time, there were 2 ladies, obviously friends, sitting next to each other in the first row, in the center. They were beautifully dressed and perfectly coiffed and they talked the entire game. This is not to say they didn’t watch the game, but every single time the camera was on home plate, they were chatting. Laughing, eating, talking to each other or on the phone. If that’s all you wanted to do why would you do it in such an expensive place? there are die hard fans sitting on the bleachers who would’ve given their beer for those seats.

When we play in Houston, you can nearly almost always see George and Barbara Bush Sr., sitting behind home plate. They’re fun to watch too, just cause they’re the Bush’s. You don’t think of the ex President doing something like going to the ball park. Once maybe, but not every game! They laugh and talk and cheer their team on just like the other fans.

I also like the watch the ‘waiters’ for want of the proper word, going around the green seats, taking orders for food and drink. We common people have to wait in line for our beer and hot dogs. They have their order taken and their food delivered.

Some day I want to sit in the green seats.

(i might be thrown out when the actual ticket holder arrives, but I still got to sit there)


3 Responses to “People Watching”

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