The Thread Bag

geraniums.jpgI knew, when I do decided to do the Take a Stitch Tuesday, I’d need my thread. When we moved, I had it all in one bag, horribly arranged, and I put it in the attic. Out of sight, out of mind.

So, today I ventured into the attic, and brought it down.

You know how it is when you haven’t seen something you have for a long time? You kind of forget about a lot of it. What you have, the colors, the FUN! Look at this and tell me it’s not fun!


I found a few skeins of hand dyed thread I’d been hanging onto forever…


and these lovely sweater clasps… oh, and yes, some Dayquil. You never know when you might need it!


Now, I wonder if I have any even count fabric? hmmm….


One Response to “The Thread Bag”

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