Yarn Arrived

geraniums.jpgfor the sweater I planned to make. I really hate making gauges. But I know I’d hate it more if I made an entire sweater and THEN found out it didn’t fit. So, I am making a gauge for this sweater.

The yarn is gorgeous, I love the way it knits up. However, I’m not crazy about the sweater pattern. The first gauge on size 5 needles is too small. And I knew somewhere in it I made a mistake. So, out come the size 6 needles and I realize that I can not do this lace pattern. It doesn’t like me. It never turns out the same way twice. It makes me doubt my knitting ability. Perhaps I should take it down a level or two. Or Three. Maybe I should stick with knitting dishcloth’s.

I thought about finding a new pattern to use the yarn and am not sure. Maybe I’ll ask about the original sweater pattern on their blog. Couldn’t hurt right?

I also have this thing about gauges. I never know how to use them. If it’s too small, does that mean I need larger needles or a different yarn? And why does the gauge have to be 4″ long? Can’t I count the rows in a 1″ swatch? Don’t even get me started on number of stitches in 4″. By the time you’re counting the 6th st and you look back to the beginning of where you started counting… well, which stitch did you start with anyway? Depending on how you look at it, it could start here or there. I’ve concluded I’m gauge-phobic. Maybe there’s a support group for wierdo’s like me?


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