geraniums.jpgRandi at I have to say… has had a lovely Back to Homeschool Week. Today is the last day and I’m finally chiming in. I’m about the 80th person to link to her question, so it may be just for us!

I’ve been a Charlotte Mason fan since I first heard of her about 10 yrs ago or so. My children were 98% grown by that time, but I wished I’d had the opportunity do this from the beginning. We had a short stint with homeschooling (before learning about Charlotte Mason) with a purchased curriculum – I don’t even remember where it was from, but it was boring and we all hated it. When my youngest son was in his last year of high school, we made the decision to homeschool him and I was happy to start with Charlotte Mason. It was pre-internet, every family has a computer days, and I was going by her books.

One of my fondest memories with my youngest son was reading 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea to him. He’s grown up now and living his own life with children of his own.

And now, at this time in my life I have the opportunity to homeschool my 12 yr old step daughter. Charlotte Mason, here we come! After doing much research – and isn’t hs’ing easier with computers and the internet? – I settled on Ambleside Online

Her last year of public school was 6th. We’ve started AO in Year 4. She’s an extremely intelligent girl, and was totally bored in public school. She loves to read, and so the AO choice is a good fit. I love the fact that she is reading Good books and Scripture every day. Her handwriting has improved. She is blossoming and I think a lot of it is due the exercise her mind is getting.

I had my doubts about her reading Plutarch – it just seemed so archaic and wouldn’t it be too hard? No. It isn’t. “Too hard” is good for her, well anyone really, and it stretches her and makes her think. I’m very pleased with the way we’re doing things and very appreciative of the AO website and all the effort put into it by others.


3 Responses to “Curriculum”

  1. Dana Says:

    We almost did Charlotte Mason. It was actually my first choice and a lot of us Principle Approach users quote her a lot. Very insightful, stuff!

    Thank you for sharing! And I definitely agree about the reading of difficult texts. We did a section of Bradford’s history of the Plymouth Plantation last year, and the children really got a lot more out of it than I expected.

  2. Karen Says:

    I’ve heard some things here and there about Principle Approach but haven’t found much on it.

    I think children are capable of more than we think. For years we’ve been making things easy for them. Like re-working classics to make them simple and … ok, boring. Taking the life out of them and the big words.

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