It’s a new YoYo day…

geraniums.jpgHave you seen that new YoYo maker from Clover? I like new gadgets as much as the next quilter, but when I heard about this, I kind of snickered. In my craft show days, I made hundreds of yoyo’s – the old fashioned way. Yes, some of them were kind of wonky, but that was the nature of the yoyo! A real quilter wouldn’t use a yoyo maker! ha!

Fast forward 20 yrs… or so. I’m making some new curtains for the kitchen and it occurred to me that a white yoyo chain would be a perfect border for the edges. So, I started making yoyo’s. And it also occurred to me that I wanted them ALL to look nice. At about the same time, I read a review of the new Clover YoYo Maker and heard it was absolutely Wonderful! So, I ordered one.

I have to tell you it’s the neatest thing since sliced bread! Here’s a picture of my Very First yoyo-


Since I didn’t want to waste a 4 1/2″ square of fabric trying out the yoyo maker, I cut a square from the white I’m planning to use for the yoyo’s. I’m so cheap, er, I mean frugal! And this was my first yoyo, it’s absolutely perfect. I’m a convert!


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