It’s almost time to get back to work

Monday in fact, is the Day. I’ve had a lovely week off. I did some more unpacking,

hung some quilts on the walls,house1.jpg(You can see we aren’t finished painting trim in the dining room!)

a few pictures here and there,house3.jpg.house2.jpgThis second picture is special to me. My mom stitched it, my dad made the frame. It was a gift for my Grandma (Mom’s mom) and it hung in her house for years. After she passed away I was the lucky one got the picture. I can remember my mom stitching on this picture when I was a girl. I always try to hang it in my house wherever I am.

Made some curtains for the laundry room,house4-copy.jpg and bought fabric to make curtains for the kitchen.

I did some knitting – 2 dishclothes and 1 surprise. Made some blueberry muffins house5.jpg which in my opinion have a tad too much baking soda in them. The recipe called for 1 Tablespoon of baking soda, and it’s too much. Not enough ‘too much’ to keep us from eating them tho!

I’ve been doing some work on my blogs and have some surprises coming up there.And today, since it’s a doubleheader on FSMW – and so far we’re getting stomped on – it’s a nice day in the sewing room.

But Monday! Back to work, which isn’t as horrible as it sounds, because I love my job.

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