The ‘new’ door?

Remember the picture of our entry door?  And the glass we ordered? Which has never come. Can’t get ahold of the glass guy, and you can only live with a plastic tarp front door for so long. We felt so silly locking the door every night, but it just wasn’t right if we didn’t!

door.jpgSo, on to Plan B! Forget the window and let’s have a solid wood door. Yesterday included a trip to Lowes where we purchased the wood and the molding…so it would look complete and not like a window door with a piece of wood stuck in it.

Obviously the inside of the door must be repainted, and it will be painted white, matching the rest of the trim in the house. But the outside of the door must be repainted as well. Right now, it’s a dark green and the house is a warm taupe biscuit-y color. We’re kicking the ‘red’ idea around. i had to leave the red kitchen at the other house after all. Any color ideas? Riley suggested purple and was very quickly veto’d.


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