We’re Rich, We’re Rich!!!!

jar_of_change.jpgI have to admit, we’re ‘change savers’. There used to be one central jar that Mike would put his change into at the end of the day, but somehow the flow changed and I began to find coins in different containers all over the house. Not Mikes faux-pax , I did it too. I’d get the change out of the washer and just put it in a coffee cup on the counter. Actually now that I thing about it, I probably did all the flow changing, being to tired/lazy/slow to go find the official Change Jar.

So, now that we’ve moved, I once again found all the wannabe Change Jars, and once again, combined all our spare change into ONE JAR!!! Well, by the time all was said and done, we had a nice chunk of change. It was heavy anyway. Since we’re always trying to be frugal – especially now with the hugest hospital bill due to arrive anyday – we thought we’d turn that change into real paper money.

Off we went to Dillon’s Grocery where they have a cool change counting machine. While we were processing our change, 2 little boys came up behind us to watch the nickels and quarters add up. As the numbers rose, their eyes got bigger and bigger and finally the braver of the two said, “Wow!!!! You’re rich!!!!!” They kept talking to each other and exclaiming over our newfound fortune and finally after, oh I’d say, 15 minutes, the magical machine was finished. A receipt was spit out and we took it to the cashier. (I kind of felt like I’d been gambling!)

Our two little friends followed us, and were amazed at the fact that we received $56 from the lady behind the counter!! “Wow!!!!”, They said again, “You guys are so rich!!!” We smiled at them and responded appropriately.

On the way out the door I leaned over to Mike and whispered, “If we were so rich, we wouldn’t be turning in our change!” We started to laugh but it was too true. 🙂

BUT! For a few moments there, we were RICH!


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