As the world churns…

Somehow, someone got ahold of our lives and turned them into some kind of sick soap opera. You know they say, “Things come in Three’s!!” or “When it rains it pours!”. Well, we’re way past Three and it’s time to turn off the faucet.

If you’ve been following along here, you know we’ve been painting and moving. That’s a big job in anyone’s life. But not only did we repaint the interior of an entire house, we moved our business and a large household that has been housed in the same house for 30 years.

So, ok, we got 98% of everything moved. There’s a few things I need from the old house, curtain rod hardware, etc. No biggie.

We also changed format of the magazine to CD, which means a lot of work in Subscription Lists and since the printer isn’t printing anymore, he’s also not mailing!

The CD’s were finished, and shipped. They didn’t arrive. I don’t know where they went, but night before last they were spotted in the office. Hmmm, wonder who brought those?

At the SAME time, Mike got sick. So sick, he had to go to the ER on Sunday night. He spent 2 nights in the ICU and the next 3 days in a regular room, while they poked and prodded and tested and generally tortured him to the limits to find out what he had. Three different doctors gave three different opinions. Oh yeah, the ‘three’ thing. :/

At the SAME time, our internet didn’t work for approx. 4 days.

After being thoroughly disgusted with our medical staff, he decided to call his doctor in St. Louis. She returned his call promptly (isn’t that something for a doctor?) 🙂 but also told him, she was retiring. But would help him find a new doctor, closer to home.

All during this time, I know people are expecting their magazine/CD/booklet, but I’m spending my days at the hospital and not really caring too much about the magazine.

Well, we are home now, and I expect the work of shipping the CD’s etc will begin this week, but at the rate we’re going, who knows?

I know people are frustrated. It’s already July, and they haven’t received the June edition yet. If we were run by a magazine corporation, they simply would have pulled in some extra personnel and pulled it off. We don’t have any extra personnel. Our extra personnel is Shannon and Jack, and Shannon was sick as well, tho not with the same thing. And Jack would have just thought the CD’s were fun frisbee’s, so we didn’t put him on the job.

Mike is taking a few days to try to rest and gain some weight back. They had him on a clear liquid diet for the entire time, and then before some tests, Nothing By Mouth. He lost 9 lbs in 5 days. You don’t get sleep in the hospital, so he’s exhausted. He figured, from the blood they gave him and his blood counts, he lost 1/3 of his blood volume. That’s pretty sick. Now, if we can find out what’s wrong with him!

So, to any Cotton Subscribers who are reading this, I’ll do my best, but really, my first priority is my husband. And if for some reason, the CD becomes late, and then later and even later, I’ll make it right with everyone. I want you to be satisfied and happy with our magazine. Please bear with me, things will catch up. Won’t they? 🙂



3 Responses to “As the world churns…”

  1. Rebecca Troxel Says:

    Good Morning Karen.

    I saw your post about hubby being sick and thought I would stop by your blog to get the “whole story”. I hope he is feeling better.

    I read through your other posts about homeschooling, and I am right there with you. I homeschooled my daughter last year, second grade. We had a great time. But I put her back in public school, our school has a lot of Christian teachers and staff. I would love to homeschool again and really focus on the things that interest my kids, not just any kids. I will be moving before the end of summer, (but still in Alaska) and maybe I will homeschool, I will have to find out about the school there.

    Keep on chugging along. Don’t worry about the magazine, we all understand.


  2. Evelyn Julian Says:

    Good grief – you’re right – life can just throw too many things at us at once.
    Family, naturally, comes before anything else. Look after your dear Mike and don’t forget yourself.
    I have you all in my prayers.
    Keep strong – you have lots of postive thoughts coming your way.

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