To Workbook, or not to Workbook

I was recently, well, yesterday and today in fact, tempted to leave the disciplines of the Charlotte Mason homeschooling methods and subscribe to an online homeschool service. It was quite reasonably priced. It would be much easier. Just sit my child down, plug her into the computer and let her go! (yes, easier on ME)

Then I read this and was gently reminded that children grow on IDEAS, not FACTS. Which is why I’ve loved the CM method for years now, even when not homeschooling anyone.

I don’t remember anything from my US History class in high school, not one thing. But several years ago, I read some books by James Alexander Thom and I remember nearly everything he wrote. Living history. As I looked up the link, I realized I’m a bit behind in reading his books, there are some new ones.

So, since school starts again tomorrow (only a short summer break) I’ll be right where I’m supposed to be. And so will she.



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