Is it possible to attend an outdoor event and not come home soaking wet?

Ok, I’m being a little dramatic. But it did rain on us last night at the Joplin Airfest. We had umbrella’s, which we used, but we did dry out before leaving. And we didn’t get a nasty storm like last time.

After the air show, Rebecca St. James gave a great concert. While I do like her songs I’ve never been a ‘fan’, buying her CD’s or waiting for the newest song. I have great respect for her stand on purity, and hope many, many people hear and embrace that message. Purity is a wonderful place of protection and security for everyone, young or old.

We left before it was over, I have a cold and laryngitis, so sitting outside in the rain probably wasn’t the best route I could have taken! We did have VIP tickets for sitting and parking, but we had to park SO far away, I’m not sure but general parking was better.

 You can see Jack enjoying the air show here

You can read more about Jack’s adventures here 


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