Moving and New House Pictures

We are finally moved in. It’s a mess and not exactly everything is here yet, but about 90% of it is here. We still need to finish painting Riley’s room, the bathroom in the office and the trim in the dining room. And we will, but not today.

You saw a before picture of the office here is a picture of it painted, but not yet put into order –


Lots of shelves to put up, and even more things to put away.





I decided to keep myself to this one set of shelves for fabric storage, and took 4 very large boxes of fabric to store in the attic.


View of the front door from the dining room. We’ve ordered the glass for the front door, and it still has not arrived. This is not an ordinary piece of glass, it was a special order. We have no idea where it is.


From the living room, into the dining room. Unfinished trim, but isn’t the paint beautiful? It used to be dark red, with a dark gray trim. ugh.


And our beautiful light blue living room. I can’t remember the exact color of this room, but it was just very nondescript ‘Blekky’. What more can I say?

So much to do, so little time. I can’t believe June is nearly over.

More later, some ‘after’ pictures when everything is pretty and put away!

Karen 🙂


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