I am SO tired of painting

Who’s bright idea was this? Well, I think it was me and Shannon. And I have to admit it does look gorgeous! Some After pictures are coming soon, there’s a few more details to be done before rooms can actually be called ‘finished’.

I painted our bedroom a Dark Brown. The name of the paint is Belgian Chocolate. and it does look, exactly like chocolate. Cutting in the edges, holding that small container of paint, it honestly looked like melted chocolate. You many think a Dark Brown room would be cavelike and well, just plain ugly. But it is beautiful! The woodwork is painted white as well as the ceiling. We have 2 nice size windows in our room so there is lots of light. I can accent with some light blue or pink, some creamy beige or white. Even red would look great in there. I can’t wait to get to the moving in part.

But, today we are resting. We’re both very tired and we hurt. Jack is sick, poor little guy. Not doing much today but resting my feet and putting some ice on my back.



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