Are we in Kansas?

Last night… oh so stormy! Shannon woke us up at 11:30 when the tornado sirens went off. If the tornado is in your county, the sirens go off. Even though the tornado was 25 miles away. Jack and Riley slept through the whole thing. But it was quite stormy, windy, thunder/lightning every few seconds, the rain was awful. Today, breezy but sunny. Lots of branches down, including one big HUGE branch hanging over the fence at our new house. Got to get that fixed.

What? OUR NEW HOUSE? Yes, we are moving. Across town, bigger office, beautiful wraparound porch, big windows, lots and lots of trees, nice backyard with nice tall fence, original hardwood floors, just a wonderful house.

Yesterday Shannon and I painted all day. Today, she is still painting, I’m recuperating. She’s younger than I am. I’ll paint tomorrow.  Technically this is Shannons house, which she thought she’d have to sell, REALLY didn’t want to sell, and then all of sudden we all realized we could live there. We like it better and she could keep her house. Wonderful plan! 🙂

So, all the while I was thinking June would be the month things settled down and I could relax a little bit, I was wrong. It might be August before any of that happens, although we plan to be moved by the end of the month.


This is our office, previously deep olive green. While the woodwork looks sort of white, it’s really a dingy yellowish creamy blekky color. Kind of like the old switchplates that start out beige (sort of) and get yellowed and … well, blekky! Now… this room is well on its way to being a very light blue with real white woodwork. Pictures to come….



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