The Outdoor Concert Phenomenom

What is it with outdoor concerts? Whenever we go we get stuck in the worst weather ever seen. Two summers ago we went to see .38 Special, REO, and Styx. Saw all of .38 Special, and half of REO. That’s when the tornado hit. Well, technically it didn’t hit US specifically, but we had to run for cover in our cars. Really tricky when it’s dark, blowing like crazy, raining sideways, muddy, and your car is parked in a field with no lighting. So, that was 2 summers ago.

Last night we went to the park to hear Mark Schultz. As we were leaving the house, the rain started pouring down, the thunder was booming but we kept saying, “It’ll blow over!” We parked, again in a field, and spent the first 20 minutes standing under a tree with umbrellas. Which Jack wanted to hold. And that was a tad dangerous.

So, it blew over, finally and we headed to the amphitheater to stake out our territory. Chairs in a bag, quilt and umbrellas in tow. It was cloudy, but nice.

We got some food and sat and watched the Boomtown Idol Show!! All the locals who thought they could sing came out. Some could, some couldn’t. One lady sang a beautiful rendition of Amazing Grace. One older man who really couldn’t sing, but he knew all the words to Chantilly Lace and he was the most fun! He was just having such a good time!

We took Jack to ride the kids train – He climbed up into his seat and said, “All Aboard!” That’s Jack for you! He rode the ponies and went to the little petting zoo. Picked up chickens, chased a rabbit and petted a few goats. Mike took him over the conservationist booth where they had some snakes and a tarantula. shudder. Jack thought it was all very cool.

Headed back to our seats to hear the warm up band, Our Hearts Hero, and they were really very good! The weather is still very nice. Cloudy, but no rain. Some lightning in the distance, occasional thunder, but still nice.

Finally! Mark Schultz! And what a concert he puts on!!! He was Great, not only singing, but he’s very funny. Always getting the audience involved, never taking himself to seriously, and singing some incredible songs. Well, I’d say about halfway through his show, the wind kicked up and we felt a few drops of rain. The wind continued to pick up and the thunder was getting louder. Mark said he thought he could get one more song in before the electrocution started, but he was wrong. The wind got much worse, and everyone was scrambling. You know how hard it is to put those chairs in a bag in a 30mph wind? Jack was asleep on my lap, so I just sat while everyone scrambled. Finally, I could get up, and we got my chair packed up, and started heading out. Then, the heavens opened the rain poured down as if from a bucket. I was trying to hold the quilt over me, and Shannon who was carrying Jack – half asleep. But the mud was getting bad, and then my flips were slippery and I’m not too good on my feet anyway. The wind was whipping the quilt around us and we finally said, forget the quilt, we’re already wet, what’s the point!?!?!

Shannon saw that I was slipping and sliding so she had me hold her arm. So, she’s carrying Jack and trying to keep me upright… What a woman! At some point, a wonderful woman saw us in our dilemma and stepped up to walk along side us with her umbrella. What an angel!

Well, we did reach the car, in the muddy field, and prayed we weren’t stuck in the mud. We were soaked by this time and cold. We all piled in the car, smelling a bit like wet dogs, but so glad to be out of the weather.

Got home and really prepared for getting out of the car. Mike gave me the house key, Shannon made sure Jack’s seat was unbuckled, so Mike could get over there, snatch him and run for the house. It was like military maneuvers!!! 🙂

Well, we forgot about the broken gutter over the steps to the door. Which was a real waterfall! But when you’re already this wet, what’s another shower?

Ok, you know you’re really wet when you’re wearing jeans and your underwear is completely soaked. You know you’re wet when you have to wrap your hair in a towel, just from being outside.

Now Jack was fully awake and ready to play, but we were exhausted from our hike in the weather, and shaking from cold and just wanting to go to bed.

There’s another concert tonight, but I’m staying home. I’ll take care of Jack and the others can go do that again. Well, it’ll probably be great weather! But that’s ok, cause I’m exhausted. I’m just not as young as I used to be. Or as spry.

I told Shannon, THIS is why we stay home a lot. We like it here. It’s dry and warm, it’s comfy, and there are real bathrooms.



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