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Socks #1 – finished!

May 13, 2007

Traveling gives me a lot of knitting time. Driving to and from airports, flying time, sitting around visiting…all give me a lot of time to knit. Did you realize you can knit on airplanes? It seems that’s one of the first things they would have banned, not shampoo.

The name of this sock is – Madder Ribbed Sock, page 24 in Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush.


and the closeup – (click on the thumbnail to see the full size)


I’ve started the next pair. I’ll keep you posted! 🙂 Karen

Home from Spring Quilt Market

May 10, 2007

What an experience! Absolutely mind boggling! My senses are over saturated by all the things I saw and the people I met and the ideas tossed around. That, along with complete exhaustion from doing market – setup/take down/talking to people and learning things – from traveling, from visiting, we are just pooped! We got home Tuesday, here it is Thursday and I’m just getting to my blog. I thought, with my extensive background in doing craft fairs, I knew how to set up a booth. Well, that was amateur hour, and this was the professional era. Ours was the saddest little booth in the whole place. But not to worry, next market, we’ll be in the competition!

This is our booth – (please be kind)


And Mike and I –


Here are a couple shots taken from the second floor, overlooking the entire floor. These pictures only show a minuscule amount of what was there –



This is the entrance –


We heard two things from people. “I’ve been hearing such great things about Cotton Spice, I had to come and find you!”
and “I’ve never heard of you!” But once we took them through a mini-tour and gave them a copy of the magazine, they just loved us. We had other magazine people – the major magazine people – come and look us over. They looked at our magazine and really liked it. It didn’t seem to be just a ‘oh you’re doing a great job’ kind of comment that was just flung out there to be polite, they said with all sincerity that we were doing a wonderful job. I take that as high praise from a Big magazine person to us newbies.

Quilt shops were thrilled to hear that we were only available by subscription and quilt shops. Quilt shops are tired of carrying magazines, only to hear “Oh I just bought that issue at Joanns with my 40% coupon!” (or walmart or any big name bookstore)

All in all, it was a wonderful experience and even though exhausting, we can’t wait to do it again!