Our Nature Walk Yesterday

It was a beautiful day, in the 70’s, slight breeze, just lovely. Mike was off work and we decided to go with Shannon and Riley on their walk. There are some walking paths along Shoal Creek and shortly they will be opening Wildcat Park, which will be a conservation kind of park. I don’t know the details, but it’s very beautiful.

Not being wonderful artists with the ability to capture our day on paper, we captured it via digital camera. nature-walk-copy.gif

This is the view from the bridge.


The walking paths


and the very first time we’ve seen turtles ‘in the wild’! I’ve seen them at the zoo and at the pet store, but never in nature. When I first saw them I said, “Oh wow, that is so cool!” and Mike said, “Yeah, but not so cool when you get them in your fishing line.” hmmm never considered that… poor turtle!



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