Knitting Socks

I’m starting to get pretty adept at this. My fingers are used to hold 4 needles instead of the normal 2. Well, I guess in knitting nothing is normal – it all depends on what you’re making!

One time I read about a lady who loved to bake bread. She found a wonderful bread cookbook and vowed to make every recipe in it within the next year. I thought that was a wonderful idea, to really conquer the book! So, I’ve decided to make every sock in this book –


I’m working on the first one now


using my gorgeous 100% hand dyed wool from Sophies Toes

Granted, I’m only a few inches into the first half of the first sock, but I’ll get there. I’m not so silly to believe I’ll get these done in a year, but I have a goal. I’ll keep you posted.



One Response to “Knitting Socks”

  1. Randi Says:

    Good for you! I did a brief knitting stint, but I gave up when I got to socks. I think my heart-rate reached levels too high for crafting–I may have even been burning calories! Too stressful. Sewing is my one and only!

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