Progress in some departments

Well, sort of. I’ve reduced some piles of paper. I got some sewing done. Once I finish one thing, I feel better.

I’m now a Contributor to The Well-Drained Mind. A blog for homeschool moms – a place to find encouragement and affirmation. I believe that if you give, you get back. And writing is always therapeutic for me. Once I get it ‘out’ of my mind and onto paper, er, computer screen, I’m better.

I find I can write on the computer. I have the hardest time writing with paper and pencil. When I’m at the computer, the words just flow out of my fingers. Sometimes faster than I can type them. The paper… it just stares back at me.

On Tuesday we go to our homeschool group. When the new term starts later this summer, parents are asked to either teach a class or be a helper in a class. I’m really not all that much help. But I’m thinking more and more I’d like to teach a class in Creative Writing. I have no training, really only a few ideas about how I’d go about teaching it, but for some reason I really want to do it. You’d think the obvious subject I’d teach would be quilting. Go figure.

Well, I think Shannon has dinner ready, so I’m outta here! have a wonderful weekend!



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