I have to confess, I’m overwhelmed with the work load and the unorganization reigning in my home/office. Giving something up is not an option, as I love everything I’m doing and even have the desire to do more. But I have to step back and create some order.

I haven’t been blogging much, I’m barely getting email answered to my family, let alone business emails! Market is in nearly 2 weeks and I’m nowhere near ready.

I feel like I can get a handle on things if I can just clear the paper mountain on my desk and get some things put away so we can walk through the room without holding on to things so we don’t fall. Or moving things to get to the back corner.

I’ve been machine quilting the quilts I design for the magazine, but this time I had to arrange for someone else to do it. Facing your own shortcomings isn’t always a pleasant sight. In my own mind I still think I can do everything. But in reality I can’t. I have to have help.

Lately, I’ve had lots of help from Shannon, who cleans and cooks, does laundry and generally makes my day brighter. Sometimes there are so many things to do I just sit. Then Jack comes and gives me a hug 🙂 or shares his animal crackers with me. What’s better than that?

And then Mike comes home or takes a surprise day off and makes the day shine! My life is so good, I am so blessed – in every way. I love having Riley here and doing school with her. She’s bright and talented, and I get to watch her grow and learn and become a young woman. I don’t even mind the cat. But I have too much work and I have to get a system going. I have no doubt I’ll get it going. I’m looking at a lot of organization systems – making my own of course, cause I’m so darn cheap! – and trying to take the best of all of them to created for myself a system that works. It’s kind of slow, but it’s going.

I love the homeschooling, the books and the projects. I might be behind at work cause I spend too much time on the hs’ing. I have to strike a balance. But you love everything you do, how do you do that? Some organization sheets have a line for every 15 min of the day. Holy moly, I can’t be scheduled like that. I’m a creative person. Some things can only be done when you’re in the mood, when the spirit moves you, when the planets are lined up correctly…I don’t know! But you can’t design a quilt because it’s 1:15 and the schedule says “Design Time”.

So, I need something to keep me on track, yet be flexible. And in the midst of all this, when I can’t even keep up with this blog, I’m thinking of starting another blog just for our homeschooling. Is it a sickness? lol….

Baseball has started and that puts a whole new light on things. Yipppeeee!!! 🙂



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