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Leaving on Tuesday for Quilt Market

April 26, 2007

We’ll spend some time visiting family in Idaho, since market is in Salt Lake City, UT, only 3 hours from where my extended family lives.

We’re busy flame proofing drapes and getting all our ducks in a row. We’ve had brochures printed and got our paperwork all lined out. Hotel reservations are good, clothes are almost ready.

This will be our first Market and we’re both excited and nervous. It’ll be fun to meet people in person that I only know online, and we’re praying it will be a financial success.


I’ve been Interviewed!

April 24, 2007

Usually it’s me doing the interviewing, but this time I got to answer the questions! asked me to participate in their “Featured Quilt Designer” for the month.  The questions asked were a bit “unexpected” (though I love that!) and they also asked that I offer a free pattern.  I’d say everyone benefits from this type of publicity!

The name of this quilt Diamond Sparkle. It’s one of the first quilts I designed, so I call it ‘vintage karen gass’.  Unfortunately, this quilt was lost and I have no idea where it is. It was a beautiful quilt, the colors just glowed. The black sets off the different colors and it truly does sparkle!

“Diamond Sparkle Quilt” Designed by Karen Gass,
Click HERE for the Free Pattern in PDF

Knitting Socks

April 21, 2007

I’m starting to get pretty adept at this. My fingers are used to hold 4 needles instead of the normal 2. Well, I guess in knitting nothing is normal – it all depends on what you’re making!

One time I read about a lady who loved to bake bread. She found a wonderful bread cookbook and vowed to make every recipe in it within the next year. I thought that was a wonderful idea, to really conquer the book! So, I’ve decided to make every sock in this book –


I’m working on the first one now


using my gorgeous 100% hand dyed wool from Sophies Toes

Granted, I’m only a few inches into the first half of the first sock, but I’ll get there. I’m not so silly to believe I’ll get these done in a year, but I have a goal. I’ll keep you posted.


Our Nature Walk Yesterday

April 21, 2007

It was a beautiful day, in the 70’s, slight breeze, just lovely. Mike was off work and we decided to go with Shannon and Riley on their walk. There are some walking paths along Shoal Creek and shortly they will be opening Wildcat Park, which will be a conservation kind of park. I don’t know the details, but it’s very beautiful.

Not being wonderful artists with the ability to capture our day on paper, we captured it via digital camera. nature-walk-copy.gif

This is the view from the bridge.


The walking paths


and the very first time we’ve seen turtles ‘in the wild’! I’ve seen them at the zoo and at the pet store, but never in nature. When I first saw them I said, “Oh wow, that is so cool!” and Mike said, “Yeah, but not so cool when you get them in your fishing line.” hmmm never considered that… poor turtle!


Thoughts inspired by a friend

April 19, 2007

I recently read this The Good, The Bad and The Ugly  on my friend Judy’s blog. Her reflections on the events that have taken place at Virginia Tech this week. As horrible as it all was, there is always good to come out of everything. Maybe not for the students just yet, but for Judy it did. This is no way belittles the tragedy in Virginia. Exactly the opposite. We can choose to rail against the system for failing or lead a protest. We can also choose to recognize the blessings in our own lives. We can choose to develop a grateful and thankful spirit rather than an angry one. Our hearts go out to everyone affected in Virginia and we pray for them. As a parent, there are things you just cannot imagine. So, for the parents whose children went through that experience – I’m so sorry. I’d give you hugs, I’d bring over dinner, I’d do your errands while you grieve. Any one of the people I know would do the same. If it were in our power to comfort you we would. If we had the ability to bless your heart in any way, we would. As it stands, we can pray and whether we realize it or not, prayer is the biggest and the best thing we can do for you.

So, I choose to count my blessings, to start learning to take nothing for granted. To realize that the things I have are gifts from God, nothing is here because ‘i work hard and deserve it’. I choose to make Him the Lord of my life and to accept what comes my way as His will. Knowing that He loves me beyond comprehension and lets nothing come to me for the purpose of harm or revenge or ill will.

God’s Blessings in my life –

My children – I love them all. They are bright and intelligent, responsible adults with families. They love the Lord, and have given me incredible grandsons. Being a Grandma is something you can’t understand until you reach that place. It’s a love unlike the one you have for your children, which you thought was the most love you could have for anyone. I gave birth to 3 children and when I married I gained 4 more. All with their own talents, families and treasures to share. (except for Riley, who is 11 and I now have the privilege to homeschool her and let the Lord help me to teach her how to grow up into a Godly woman)

My husband – I never knew what marriage was like until we got married. Mike shows me a picture of unconditional love, not just for me, but for my children too. It’s amazing to me, but he considers my children to be his children and loves them like his own. I hope I do as well for his children. He treasures me and takes care of me. He never gets annoyed with me, or angry with me. He just loves me. He never considers whats ‘fair’ or ‘unfair’. He is a true picture of 1 Corinthians 13. God truly blessed me beyond measure in him.

My home – I love to create a home for my family. I would spend my days sewing, gardening, reading, decorating, cooking, planning treats for everyone. I like to have dinner ready when Mike gets home. I like to make his favorite dinners. I have a big old house – yes old! – but I get to paint, decorate, do whatever I want to make it a home, to make it more comfortable for us.

My work – I get to work at home. I love to spend my days at home.  This is my world. I have my office and sewing room here. From this room I have written a book, published patterns, done quilts for customers and now publish a magazine. If I could pick my dream job from the biggest list in the world – this would be it. I love to work on the computer drawing diagrams and laying out the magazine. I love to sew and work with my fabrics and goodies.

My health – I know I have health problems, but I’m still kickin’. Well, maybe not actually kickin’…! 🙂 But I’m functioning, I have mobility, I have my mind (most days) and the ability to do most of the things I want to do. I know my own health difficulties are small compared to others, compared to what could be. I choose to be thankful for what I have, rather than what I don’t have.

I’m so very thankful and happy that Shannon and Jack are living with us. It’s lovely to have Jack here, to be able to watch him learn and see him do new things. That’s a true privilege. I love working with Shannon in my office. So much more fun than working on the internet across country! She’s also my own personal wardrobe consultant. 🙂

God has been good to me, and I hope I bring Him joy. Even while counting my own blessings, my heart hurts for the families who’ve gone through this week in Virginia. We’ll keep praying for you, and we send many hugs.


There’s more than 1 way to catch a mouse

April 17, 2007


It’s spring, the door is open, the mice are playing. Too bad they decide to play in MY house!!!! Bentley caught one and dropped it in my shoe, which was very thoughtful of him. So, we shoved a mousetrap in my shoe, and put a guard on it.

We checked with Jack’s Snake Flashlight, and it’s still in there. We DARE it to come out! grrrrrrrrrr

karen and shannon

Drawn narration of Proverbs 1

April 15, 2007

Riley just finished studying Proverbs 1 and instead of the normal written or oral narration, Shannon asked her for a drawing.


Explanation – The girl at the bottom is thinking, “Should I buy or steal it?” She’s standing across the street from Walmart. Between her and Walmart is a very busy road with all the traffic sounds. High above the traffic sounds is Wisdom, telling her “Exodus 10:15 Thou shalt not steal” And at the top of the paper she has written Proverbs Chapter 1 verse 1-23. Picture of verse 20-21.

Prov 1:20-21 “Wisdom calls aloud in the street, she raises her voice in the public squares;at the head of the noisy streets she cries out, in the gateways of the city she makes her speech.”

I was very impressed by this, and happy to see that even above the din of traffic, she can still hear the voice of Wisdom.


Progress in some departments

April 14, 2007

Well, sort of. I’ve reduced some piles of paper. I got some sewing done. Once I finish one thing, I feel better.

I’m now a Contributor to The Well-Drained Mind. A blog for homeschool moms – a place to find encouragement and affirmation. I believe that if you give, you get back. And writing is always therapeutic for me. Once I get it ‘out’ of my mind and onto paper, er, computer screen, I’m better.

I find I can write on the computer. I have the hardest time writing with paper and pencil. When I’m at the computer, the words just flow out of my fingers. Sometimes faster than I can type them. The paper… it just stares back at me.

On Tuesday we go to our homeschool group. When the new term starts later this summer, parents are asked to either teach a class or be a helper in a class. I’m really not all that much help. But I’m thinking more and more I’d like to teach a class in Creative Writing. I have no training, really only a few ideas about how I’d go about teaching it, but for some reason I really want to do it. You’d think the obvious subject I’d teach would be quilting. Go figure.

Well, I think Shannon has dinner ready, so I’m outta here! have a wonderful weekend!



April 10, 2007

I have to confess, I’m overwhelmed with the work load and the unorganization reigning in my home/office. Giving something up is not an option, as I love everything I’m doing and even have the desire to do more. But I have to step back and create some order.

I haven’t been blogging much, I’m barely getting email answered to my family, let alone business emails! Market is in nearly 2 weeks and I’m nowhere near ready.

I feel like I can get a handle on things if I can just clear the paper mountain on my desk and get some things put away so we can walk through the room without holding on to things so we don’t fall. Or moving things to get to the back corner.

I’ve been machine quilting the quilts I design for the magazine, but this time I had to arrange for someone else to do it. Facing your own shortcomings isn’t always a pleasant sight. In my own mind I still think I can do everything. But in reality I can’t. I have to have help.

Lately, I’ve had lots of help from Shannon, who cleans and cooks, does laundry and generally makes my day brighter. Sometimes there are so many things to do I just sit. Then Jack comes and gives me a hug 🙂 or shares his animal crackers with me. What’s better than that?

And then Mike comes home or takes a surprise day off and makes the day shine! My life is so good, I am so blessed – in every way. I love having Riley here and doing school with her. She’s bright and talented, and I get to watch her grow and learn and become a young woman. I don’t even mind the cat. But I have too much work and I have to get a system going. I have no doubt I’ll get it going. I’m looking at a lot of organization systems – making my own of course, cause I’m so darn cheap! – and trying to take the best of all of them to created for myself a system that works. It’s kind of slow, but it’s going.

I love the homeschooling, the books and the projects. I might be behind at work cause I spend too much time on the hs’ing. I have to strike a balance. But you love everything you do, how do you do that? Some organization sheets have a line for every 15 min of the day. Holy moly, I can’t be scheduled like that. I’m a creative person. Some things can only be done when you’re in the mood, when the spirit moves you, when the planets are lined up correctly…I don’t know! But you can’t design a quilt because it’s 1:15 and the schedule says “Design Time”.

So, I need something to keep me on track, yet be flexible. And in the midst of all this, when I can’t even keep up with this blog, I’m thinking of starting another blog just for our homeschooling. Is it a sickness? lol….

Baseball has started and that puts a whole new light on things. Yipppeeee!!! 🙂