June 2006 issue Quilt Picture


This was one of our first pictures for the magazine. We wanted a couple, who would be willing to share their first date with us. Doesn’t everybody want to do that? We thought so! 🙂

Being fairly new to Joplin, and not knowing a lot of couples, or pre-couples who would be having a first date, we made one up.

This picture is of Chris, my stepson, and Blair, best friend to his sister Traci. They look cute together, so we begged them to pose for us. And not only pose, but act like they were having fun and the possibility of more dates existed.

We had a fun afternoon, trying out different poses, and different ideas. On the bench, off the bench. Eating grapes, or cheese, holding the wine glass, not holding the wine glass.

Who knew we were so smart? Later that summer, Chris and Blair got married! And have been blissfully happy ever since. We do expect them to name their firstborn after one of us, probably me. 😀

The picture turned out to be truthful – it was their first date!


Comment added 3-10-07: How’s this for Serendipity? last night Chris and Blair came over and told us they were expecting their first baby! 🙂 sometime in October! yippeeeeee! 🙂


One Response to “June 2006 issue Quilt Picture”

  1. Shannon M. Says:

    Maybe this time you and Mike will get a grandaughter!! There needs to be more girls in this family!!! Tell Chris and Blair Congrats!!

    Love you guys!!

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