A Productive Weekend

With the magazine safely at the printers, I felt like I had a few days to play. And since it was the weekend, and most people do take the weekend off from work – I thought I might too!

So, Saturday, I spent the day making my brown pants. They’ve been cut out for weeks, waiting patiently on the shelf for me to sew them up. I finally felt like the time was right!


I wasn’t real happy with the way the zipper turned out, but I always wear shirts over, not tucked in, so I didn’t worry about it too much.

I made some Clam Chowder for dinner, heated up some leftover bread and that was dinner!

Sunday, we had a time fiasco and didn’t go to church. It’s too complicated to relate here, just trust me… it was complicated. It’s what happens when I decide what time I want to get up, while still asleep.

So, I decided this was a great day to make some new pillowcases. I’m eternally irked by the packagers of Queen sheet sets. They come with Standard size pillowcases. WHY? If you have a queen size bed, don’t you also have queen size pillows?????? I managed to finish 2 pair of new pillowcases…




And, then last night we made our famous White Pizza and 1 pepperoni pizza for those who don’t like our famous pizza, Mike and Shannon cleaned up and then Mike and I went to bed to watch TV and all the younger people stayed up for we don’t know how long.

No school today, but it is a work day! have a happy one! karen


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