A picture from the June 2006 issue of Cotton Spice Quilting Magazine

This is one of my favorite pictures –



This was one of the first pictures we took for the magazine. Being new to this whole business, it was quite a process. We had to take the pictures several times.


Jack loved it, Grandpa… not so much!


It was a spring day, and it wasn’t cold, but it wasn’t really warm either. It wasn’t a ‘sprinkler’ day. Jack didn’t care, he loved to play in the water no matter what. He’d be shivering with goose bumps and blue lips and still not want to come inside.


What we wanted, was a picture of Jack playing in the sprinkler and then coming to Grandpa who was holding the quilt, which he’d wrap him up in. A wet little boy in a warm quilt with a Grandpa.


Well, Jack didn’t want to go to Grandpa, he wanted to play in the sprinkler! Mike was trying to get Jack to come to him, without actually getting into the sprinkler himself! Well, we got some cute pictures, but not the one we wanted.


So, Mike, being the man he is, the Grandpa he is… bit the bullet and went into the sprinkler! At the very moment the picture was taken, he got Jack in the quilt and the sprinkler sent a spray right up his shorts, which accounts for the look of surprise of his face!


But, we got the shot and we all got to come in and get warm. Well, Jack still wanted to play out there, but his lips were getting blue and we thought he should come inside and get warm. And since we’re bigger than he is, we won.


In the process we got some cute pictures of Jack which we had to include. Well.. we did have to!


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