The week has sped by, where did it go?

Well, it’s gone somewhere and although I did get work done, and some dinners cooked and some laundry done, I’m not at all sure where all the time has gone.

Is there anything newsworthy? Not really, but these are the things that are newsworthy to me!

The ice is melting. We are beginning to see grass and sidewalk!

Today, I have sewing planned. I did, some time ago, get a pants pattern and adjust it to fit ME, which was quite an accomplishment. I made a muslin to make sure it fit. But I’ve never gotten around to making the PANTS!!! and I have some gorgeous brown sateen twill to make them. Maybe today it will happen.

I did finish the blue socks. They are quite large. Something tells me my gauge was off.


And no, the toes are not done. I’m very intimidated by the kitchener stitch.

So, I decided to start another pair of socks this morning. I have some beautiful hand dyed sock yarn I got from Emily  When she lists new yarn for sale, you’ve got to buy it right then. It doesn’t stay around long.


This yarn is called Rustic Cabin. I needed size 3 DPN, which I didn’t have. I got some at Hobby Lobby, but they are aluminum and I don’t care for them very much. I love bamboo needles and have gotten used to them. But I do have a sock in the making and I can switch to bamboo later.

I figured I’d start the sock while watching The Break-Up. It’s ok… not one I’d say is “Really good”. It’s sad. But pretty typical of relationships, mine excluded. 🙂

So, back to redsocks… and then on to brownpants.



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