Back to Normal

Whatever that is, but in our case it means – The kids went back to school! And after a weekend off, I’m back to work today. And, the weather is becoming tolerable, the ice is melting and the roads are becoming drivable.

Saturday, I needed to do some errands. We haven’t had a chance to get the car repaired yet, so we have a clear plastic drop cloth covering the back window. It’s held in by the 2 back doors and the trunk lid. Seems quite secure, huh? Yes, as long as you don’t go any faster than 20 mph. I made the mistake of getting up to 30, on my way to 35, when the plastic ripped out of one door and the trunk. So, I’m driving down the road – a main road – with the plastic flapping behind me, quite cold air coming in the back window, and not a place to be found where I could pull over and fix it.

So, I put on my ‘this is the way I usually drive’ face and ignored the looks from all who passed me.

Where did I have to go that was so important? Bed, Bath and Beyond. Blockbuster. The quilt store.


I got these plastic boxes to hold WIP’s. Very organized eh? And only 1.99 each. I planned to buy 10, but that left one lonely box on the shelf, so I bought 11. Didn’t want to leave behind a brother or sister.

Had to rent this movie, which started a whole new chain of events – My DVD player hasn’t been working. Mike thought he’d fixed it, but as soon as I put the disk in, it shut down. So, after many false starts, we threw it away and went and bought a new DVD player. Many wires and cables later, I sat down with my knitting and watched the movie. Which was very good BTW.

And the quilt store – well, I can’t show you pictures of what I got there – 2 of my designs that will be in the March issue. Brenda finished them and was finally able to open her store after 5 days of no electricity.

Today… all work and no play. It’s nice to take a weekend off, but now it’s back to work – very focused, organized work. After I find my list…



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