Still freezing here

and more snow expected Sunday. Well, I guess it is winter!

American Idol – hereafter referred to as AI – has been pretty good. The talent is abysmal,  with the noted exception of the brother and sister last night, I can’t remember their names or how to spell them. Their family is from India. She was very pretty, and had a wonderful voice. So far, she’s really the only one to WOW me.

Other than that, (and some others were very nice too) the choices were – hmmm, how do I say this? Well, I’ll just say there were no choices. Do people actually look at themselves, ever? Do they listen to themselves?

If you were going on an audition – of ANY kind – wouldn’t you want to put your best foot forward? Look your best – do your hair, wear a proper color lipstick, and wear appropriate undergarments. I certainly would. I know for a fact I can’t sing, so I don’t audition for AI. But I think it would be fun to watch AI with Stacy and Clinton! There were times when all I could say is, “oh my” and no other words came to my mind. Just “oh my”.

My new printer finally arrived. After much research on Mikes part, we settled on this hardcore printer


(and you can see my little Alaskan boys tacked to my shelf) 🙂 It has 2 paper trays, a duplexer and lots of other bells and whistles I haven’t explored yet. I’m not sure I’m smart enough for it – it took us about 20 minutes to figure out how to get the ink cartridges installed. sigh… And then once you figure it out, you feel so stupid.

The magazine is coming along nicely. We’re right on target for our February first week deadline. We’re doing lots of work on the website – expanding the yoyo block library, and we’ll have a special treat for subscribers only here just about any day! I can’t wait!



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