Ice, Ice and more Ice



This is not lovely snow on bare branches. This is just ice. If you looked at our front yard, you’d see a snow covered winter wonderland (well, snow covered anyway) but it’s not snow. It’s just ice. You can walk across it, if you were so inclined and not even leave footprints. You don’t sink down at all.

Mike is out trying to get the trunk open on the car. We left the new bag of dog food in there. Last night the dogs had a veritable buffet of all the leftover dog food in 2 bags, a handful of dog bones, some pig ears and various other dog treats. They had a blast, eating everything but the dog food! Sally tried to bury her pig ear, but couldn’t find any ground that wasn’t frozen.

And lest you worry about our dogs outside in this weather, they live very comfortably. They have a room, under the porch, filled with straw and there is a heat lamp for them. Mike thaws their water all day, so they always have fresh. And! They have fur coats on.

I’m so glad I finished my slippers. And then yesterday my new socks came. So, I have the new wool socks for sensitive feet on, underneath my wool slippers. And my tootsies are toasty. Just in time!

The kids were already off school tomorrow, so there is no cancellation. Maybe Tuesday. Everything around here is canceled. Even the churches are closed. It’s very quiet out there, no cars going by. I did hear sirens a few minutes ago but that’s all.


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