and more ICE!


We heard a big loud noise and thought it was ice sliding off the roof. Nope. It was our tree, attacking our car! Yes, it broke the back window – again! (not the tree breaking it again, but the window breaking again) Oh the joy of winter!

Karen – sorry, I kept resizing the picture but it insisted on being big… i dunno….click on the picture to see the whole thing.


One Response to “and more ICE!”

  1. Tara Kos Says:

    Wow .. Your poor car !!!

    We had ice and snow too .. but the snow was on top of the ice .. which made it interesting for a day or two until the sun was able to melt the ice on the concrete .. but it’s ok now .. still have snow in the yard though .. that’s nice .. the boys love playing in it! .. well .. ds2 does, ds1 does only if I force him outside. lol

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