The Ice Storm Iceth…

Well, it came and is now in a lull, waiting for the rest of it to hit this afternoon or tonight. It looks like snow out there (exactly like the last picture I posted of the ice storm) but to step in it is like stepping on concrete, Mike says. I haven’t tried it, and don’t expect I will. Means I’d have to take my slippers off and put shoes on. Nope.

The chicken is simmering in a pot on the stove with celery, onions and garlic. It will either become Chicken and Dumplings or Chicken Soup/Stew… something along those lines. If I get ambitious I might make biscuits, but I have a feeling I’ll just take bread out of the freezer. I don’t feel ambitious, not when I have bread at hand.

So, we are all hunkered down here in our nice warm house doing our various things.  Nothing interesting. I’m working in my sewing room, Riley is watching TV and Mike is becoming a pilot! (Flight Simulator)

I remember when our family got it’s first computer. We shared it between 5 people with nary a problem. That was probably 15 years ago.

Today, in this house, we have 3 computers. Actually 4 computers. Two of them are here in my sewing room.  One computer per person is about what it comes out to be. We have a phone and TV in nearly every room and are putting in a second phone line this week. We had a heck of a time figuring out which phones would go where, and which phones work with the fax machine and which phones don’t. Which phones had a Caller I.D. I could see without my glasses!

Everything has some kind of beep, buzzer, tone or ding associated with it. Especially now that we have the new stove. That thing rings more than the phone! So, between the computers, the phones, the answering machine, the stove and the dryer… there is no more peace and quiet.  Even if the TV’s are off, our home is filled with a cacophony of sounds. If we could coordinate them we might be able to make a buck! Now of course I exaggerate… but only a little!

I’m going to turn on the TV and get some peace and quiet…



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