The Ice Storm Cometh…

is what’s all over the TV this morning. We haven’t had any weather here in Missouri for I don’t know how long, but now it’s finally gotten around to us. The temp is falling and it’s raining. In Idaho, that meant snow. In Missouri, it means ice.

I know I said I don’t make resolutions, but I did make a teeny tiny one halfway – to write in this blog everyday. You can see how long that lasted.

I sent the class socks to Jack. He can’t wear them with his regular shoes, but he can wear them with his dinosaur snow boots.


I imagine this is as still as you can get a 2 year old to sit, in order to model his new socks! And you can also see he needed to wear those dinosaur boots –

So, today will be spent sewing a quilt for the magazine.  After all these years I finally learned something new for the EQ programs.Something so elemental every beginner knows it, except me it seems. I thought, silly me, that if you plugged in block measurements for a 10″ block, it would give you templates for  10″ finished block, that it would actually measure 10 1/2″ blocks. Well, not true. If you want a 10 1/2″ block, you have to enter those measurements into your Block Setup.

So,  now, red faced and humble, I return to my sewing machine.



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