Cotton Spice Quilting Magazine now has an affiliate program!

and what the heck is that, you may ask! Well, I didn’t know at first either, until my very patient web guru answered all my newbie questions and held my hand until the whole thing was over. She says it was easy as pie, I had to take Valium. (not really)

If you have a website or a blog, go here  and sign up. You get to choose from a lovely assortment of custom made ads, and best of all (drum roll please) everytime someone from your site/blog clicks on it and subscribes to Cotton Spice… YOU get $2.49 in cold hard check. Trust me, $2.49 adds up quickly – go to the grocery store and see if I’m wrong!

So, the baby cotton spice takes another step toward a grown up website (don’t confuse that with ‘adult’). And the coolest part are things I can’t even share with you – but some very cool things will be showing up in the near and far future.


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