It’s a work day, but not quite

You’d think today would be the first day back to work. But the bank is closed and I’m sure we won’t get mail. And the kids are still out of school. Tomorrow will be the first day back to work, except that I’m still working! I just can’t bank or mail.

Yesterday I had the entire day to myself, and got SO much done! It’s amazing what you can accomplish when the house is quiet and empty.

Tonight I’m making Chinese food for dinner – fried rice, egg foo yung and crab rangoons. It all sounds yummy to me!

I’m also working on getting the newsletter done, it’s almost done. It has a new Abby chapter in it! 🙂

Ok… back to work! Karen


One Response to “It’s a work day, but not quite”

  1. Tara Kos Says:

    I love crab rangoon! 🙂 I wish I had the guts to try to make it. I’m kind of a wimp when it comes to other nationalities food and my attempts at making it. I learned a meat and potatoes kind of cook, and while I can make all sorts of things – they always tend to lean towards the “meat and potatoes” “down home” “farm cooking” sort of style… but then, that’s what I love to eat too! lol .. so I guess it’s fine. But I would still like your recipe for crab rangoon .. maybe I’ll try to make it someday!

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